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Letters to the editor

Carole Onderdonk

What would the $40 million donated by supporters of George Bush for his inauguration buy in armor for military vehicles or food and water for the victims of the tsunami? Is this Bush’s idea of “compassionate convservatism?”Carole OnderdonkEagleQuite a taleIn Re: Mathew Duffy and WINTER – a wonderful story. I’m a life-long New England skier (age 52) and here we all grew up believing that ya can’t fall off the mountain, let alone the mountain falling on you.After all, bad conditions at Vail are what we dream for in the East. Boilerplate ice keeps the tourist away, and fresh powder is reserved for our early morning runs. Your heart-felt story has evoked my tears, and although you may not have excercised common sense on your fabled run, it seems clear to me that you did not save the dog, the dog saved you. Tips up.John Dowling III Norwalk, Conn. Feeling squeezedI am just curious, but I do not know of anywhere in Vail, at least in the village, where you can purchase fresh, raw vegetable juices. I went to a particular market … yesterday because I know they have a juice machine and I’ve bought carrot juice from them before, but once again their service stunk, so finally I’d had it with them, so they are no longer an option. I think anyplace in Vail that would decide to offer fresh juices would do well with them. I would become a routine customer and spread the word. Desperately seeking carrot juice,Tavius SimsAvonMemories madeThe Skating Club of Vail extends its sincere appreciation to the Vail Recreation District for its support in connection with our recent holiday ice shows, “The Making of a Memory,” featuring skaters from the SCV and the VRD’s Learn-to-Skate Program. Irv, Ken, Jared and the rest of the Dobson staff were terrific – they must have been tired of listening to the show music during rehearsals, but still kept smiling!The SCV would also like to thank its sponsors for their generosity: 1st Bank, Dean Johnson Management, Eagle Valley Temps, R.A. Nelson, Wire Nut Electric, Alpine Rents, Comerford Insurance, Carpet Contractors, Bob’s Place, Base Mountain Sports, Land Title Guarantee Company, and Maximum Comfort. Pool & Spa. We are also grateful for the support of the town of Vail and the Vail Valley Foundation.Lastly, we wish to thank the Vail Daily, KZYR, Jack-FM, KSKE, the Eagle, RSN and Channel 5 for their coverage of the shows!Robin DeighanThe Skating Club of VailJust need supportOver the first half of the school year here in Eagle County School District many opinions have been expressed about issues such as CSAP and the TAP program. These opinions have been expressed in the Vail Daily through forums such as Tipsline or through letters to the editor. It is evident by reading these opinions that the views vary and are multiple. The Eagle County Educational Association (ECEA), the organization that represents teachers here in Eagle County, felt it was time to issue a position statement on where our association stands on issues that effect (affect) public education. Our association is committed to quality public education. ECEA advocates for issues of priority to children and public education. It is our responsibility to work with administration, parents, the school board and the community to strengthen public education, to maximize student learning and to promote respect for public education employees.Our association supports increased funding for public education. This support includes not only increases in school finance, but modifications to TABOR and other revenue growth and spending restrictions and the identification of new funding sources. We oppose efforts to weaken public education through vouchers, private school tax credits, and privatization.Our association supports measures that create an optimal teaching-learning environment for all students. We advocate for funding programs that increase student achievement and prepare students for further education and employment. We are committed to having a licensed quality teacher in every classroom. We oppose the use of longitudinal testing data as a primary measure of evaluating and compensating teachers. The use of longitudinal testing data should only be used for evaluating and improving student performance.Our association advocates for increased salaries, benefits, and working conditions for all licensed employees. We support professional development for all employees. We advocate for basic rights in collective bargaining and due process for all licensed employees. Our teachers in Eagle County are highly educated professionals with the ability, within the classroom, to provide students with a well-rounded education and are deserving of the respect of our community. What we need right now, in Eagle County, is community support…support that can only be achieved through mutual respect. There are many individual interests at stake in public education. While forums such as Tipsline and letters to the editor make us aware of different opinions, neither forum helps address them in a positive manner. We encourage our community to continue to support public education in Eagle County. Teachers can become members of our association. Parents can join their school’s PTA and volunteer at their child’s school. We all want the same thing – success for the students of Eagle County School District.Todd HuckEagle County Education Association PresidentVail, Colorado

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