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Letters to the editor

Rob LeVine

A couple dozen of Vail’s business leaders now comprise a group called Vail Businesses for Positive Action. Our purpose is to discuss Vail’s current and future business climate, and how we might best affect it. The topics we discuss run the gamut, and while many topics are not new, discussions regarding the well-being of Vail’s businesses and Vail as a whole undoubtedly deserve our ongoing dialogue. This group was formed mainly because, as business leaders, we felt a forum for positive discussions about Vail’s future and the role we play in it was lacking. It is our belief that matters of concern can be discussed with greater optimism and integrity, and our interest is in providing a venue for this to happen. Although the focus of our attention is on Vail proper, we believe it is important to consider and promote the entire Vail Valley. After all, the Valley has grown. There are more services, restaurants and shops than ever, and our guests are interested in exploring it all. By promoting the valley and all it now comprises, there will be greater destination appeal, thus spurring greater visitor numbers and boosting local business in and throughout Vail. We thought we would make it clear where we stand on the hot topic of the Vail conference center. Simply, we support it 100 percent. We realize that there will always be people who disagree with the majority vote to build the center. However, it is our hope that all naysaying will soon give way to more positive thinking that the center can (and will) be a tremendous asset to our community.Furthermore, as members of this community and as business leaders, we also assume the responsibility of spreading a positive word about the conference center to those in and outside of Vail. If we can help make the conference center a success in this or any regard, count us in. We look forward to the increase in visitors, as should everyone who has an interest in the success of our community.As forward-thinking Vail business people, we are elated at the prospect of Vail’s “renaissance.” We recognize the enormous challenges that will come as a result of the construction but we are committed to finding ways to mitigate its impact. We are excited to partner with Vail Resorts and the town of Vail to make sure locals and guests enjoy their time in Vail Village. We are excited about the finished product and want everyone who comes into Vail to be excited about it, too. Vail Businesses for Positive Action is a growing group, so if you are a business person interested in Vail’s future, and you want to be part of an upbeat, positive-minded group, we encourage you to join us. Your participation and thoughts are welcome. Contact any one of us.Rob LeVine Antlers at VailSteven E KaufmanThe Tap Room and SanctuaryLoren GiffordAce HardwareTom MullenWest Vail Liquor MartTye StocktonThe Golden BearGreat giftHooray to all the wonderful people who participated in making the Beaver Creek Chapel Christmas Concert the memorable occasion it always is. Your names are too numerous to mention, but the spirit you contribute to our holidays is an amazing gift. Thank you.Rich BrownEagle-VailGive it a restPlease put Roger Brown’s rambling tirade against the more fortunate among us where it belongs: on the opinion page. Mr. Brown’s link between Third World woes, local lack of “community” (I guess he missed the recent Spiegel benefit) and fossil fuel dependency to trophy home ownership is a joke. Moreover, he could use some lessons in the true cost-benefit equation of both active and passive solar treatments, assuming he knows the difference. As for the assertion that smaller homes and “enlightened zoning” will move us away “from fear” (whatever that means) and encourage us to become more involved in our communities, I would invite Mr. Brown to actually attend (as my brother Scott, our employees, and I do) real planning and zoning meetings, “green building” design seminars, community service organizational meetings, and so on. Perhaps he will find that his utopian la-la land has real world limitations and that well-intentioned people work very hard to balance the needs of environment and the local community. And perhaps recognize that bitterness against wealthy second-home owners is just that: bitterness.Jim TurnipseedScott S. Turnipseed, AIA, Inc.Illegal!Your article, “Extending a helping hand,” by Connie Steiert, Jan. 4, implies that many illegal aliens are being referred to the Salvation Army, Vail Valley Charitable Fund, Eagle County’s Housing Department, Colorado Workforce Center of Edwards, and government mental and medical programs. No wonder that three million illegal aliens are pouring into the U.S. for each of the last few years!These private and public agencies have an obligation to inform their supporters and taxpayers that their funds go to illegal aliens even though it is against U.S. law.Illegal aliens cost American citizens tens of billions of dollars annually to subsidize unscrupulous employers while suppressing wages for working Americans.Caroline MacWherterAvonShouldn’t speak outJust a few questions for Mr. Kevin Hammonds, who wrote the letter to the editor on Dec. 25 about “Slippery slopes”:1. How long have you worked in the snowmaking business and how long have you worked for Vail Resorts?2. Did you discuss any of the “issues” with your supervisor first? If not, why not? And if you needed to elevate your concerns a step higher, why didn’t you?3. Why, of all times of the year, did you choose to run your complaining and air it in public during of Vail’s busiest times?4. How old are you? There are currently reputable studies out about the reasoning capabilities, thinking capabilities, expectations for immediate rewards and other factors for children of baby boomers. Do you by any chance fit that category? If so, decision making on your part could be a difficulty.5. In essence, did you have the guts to assert your beliefs to your bosses and hold them up for scrutiny.I suspect I know the answers to each of my questions, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I felt a need to know. I also suspect that you wouldn’t last two seconds in the real world.Lynn Green-BennettEdwardsVail Colorado

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