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Letters to the editor

Matthew Larson

Scott Condon’s Jan. 24 article “Booming again out West” covered an interesting and often unseen side of oil drilling. However, it really got me thinking about renewable energy and the effect it could have on Colorado. Condon writes that the oil workers “want to ride the boom long enough to line their pockets with cash so they can stay put once the inevitable bust comes.” What about renewable energy, where no such bust exists? On the plains of Colorado, we get plenty of wind, and we all know how much the sun shines here in this state.Its about time the Bush administration stops shoving the use of oil and gas down our throats, and we start using these renewable energy sources that are available to us. I hope Sen. Salazar honors his promise to protect Colorado’s land, air and people, and stands up to the Bush administration’s fossil fuel-laden energy bill when it is introduced in Congress in the coming months.Matthew LarsonDenverOn a pathRe: Don Rogers’ I-70 “crisis” Quick Take. I agree with you – other communities should be so fortunate to have the traffic problems of I-70. I also never saw the problem with parking on the Frontage Road. What we need to keep sight of, though, is that if we are not part of the “solution,” someone else will fix it for us. Last week I rode the lift up with some Front Rangers (Lord, please keep them coming to Vail) and their solution to our problem is to build more lanes along I-70. Not a good solution to me and many others who live along the I-70 corridor. Further discussion of other options showed that they were not even open to other possibilities, as they were not used to taking mass transit of any sort and wanted instead to only drive their private vehicles. Some may say let them eat exhaust for four hours on their drive home.Fifteen or so years ago, we were having a problem at the four-way stop in Vail. On a half a dozen or so weekends every winter traffic would back up and cause delays traveling along the South Frontage Road. The “solution” was to put in a stoplight. It came before the Town Council and chambers were packed that night. Not quite the crisis that would merit listing in your column, but it was something that would affect the quality of life for those of us living in Vail. It was also something that we could do something about. The stoplight did not go in and now we have a great roundabout. (The only thing bad about it is that it brings out the worst in too many drivers – SLOW DOWN AND YIELD!)Yes, you listed a number of worthy causes in your column that need attention. But they do not all matter to everyone. When it comes to quality of life issues, most of us can agree on them because most of us came here for the same reason – a mountain lifestyle.It’s not really about fixing a problem. It’s more about being a part of the process and having a say in what will eventually have a major impact on our way of life.Stephen Connolly Vail, Colorado

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