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Letters to the editor

Steve Dziekan

Once again the Vail Town Council has proved that they are totally incompetent in using tax dollars responsibly. To just throw three quarters of a million dollars away by trashing the Seibert memorial is completely unacceptable. Add to that the quarter of a million they wasted on plans for a convention center; that’s a million tax dollars flushed down the toilet on just two projects. How do these people keep getting elected? They even make the three stooges we have on the County Commission look good.I admit that I was not too impressed with the sculpture in the first place, but I frequently work on Bridge Street and one does not have to spend much time there to notice that most little kids coming up the street see it and run right over to it and climb on it and lay on some and strike goofy poses while their parents take their pictures. Kids are drawn to it like a magnet. It makes me smile every time I see this and I can’t help thinking it does the same for Pete looking down at the scene.I asked Pete one time what he thought of the memorial and after a hesitation he admitted that he did kind of liked it, then smiled and said, “If they really wanted to pay tribute to me, they should have given me the $750,000.” Then he laughed.Because the way kids love it, I think it is absolutely a fitting memorial to a man that loved having fun and enjoyed watching others play as well.Steve Dziekan Loving itLast year, I was attending “public input” at an Avon meeting, when a gentleman asked Town Council what they were going to do about the deer population in Wildridge. They were a nuisance, eating his flowers and leaving deer scat in his yard. At first, I was so angry – he spoke as if they moved into HIS neighborhood. Quite the contrary! Being a Wildwood resident for 10 years, I was compelled to share my feelings with this man on how much I enjoy seeing animals when I look out my window or on a nice hike around my house. Then Michael Cacioppo spoke and attempted to educate this man, suggesting that he go to a local nursery and plant more deer resistant flowers, etc. I commend Michael on his attempts. Since June, I have been living in the Terrace in Eagle. Last night, we looked out the window to approximately 30 deer, followed by as many elk. It was awesome! In the winter, this is a nightly occurrence. And there is deer and elk scat EVERYWHERE! I can’t stop thinking about that man in Wildridge just complaining and not realizing how fortunate he is to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by these beautiful animals. I am preparing my trip to the local nursery this spring, as I am sure I will need deer resistant flowers! So, to anyone living in Wildridge or other areas of this valley who don’t enjoy these magnificent animals, PLEASE don’t move to the Terrace. I love my animals and I intend to keep cleaning my yard up after them, as I am so fortunate to share THEIR land with them. Janine GlennonEagleA new paradigmOver the past several years the world has witnessed mounting successes towards the establishment of true democracy in Afghanistan, The Ukraine, Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere. Watching President Bush’s State of the Union speech last week, his demonstrated vision and leadership ability (even if one does not agree with it), observing the Democrats’ clueless reaction to the speech (especially Hillary, Teddy and John’s) and the apparent likelihood that Howard Dean will become the next chairman of the DNC brought to mind three words chanted loudly over and over: “Four More Decades, Four More Decades, Four More Decades” (of Republican dominance).As an Independent, I am concerned and Democrats everywhere should be, too. I think that we are witness to the final collapse and demise of the Democratic Party as we have known it and the end of Roosevelt’s New Deal which gave generations of people a fish but did very little to teach them how to fish. What will emerge to continue the most desirable tradition of political balance in the form of a strong, two-party system is for the pundits to predict (this pundit predicts the evolution to power of a true centrist party) and for future historians to write about. However, this is for certain: The 21st century has brought with it a new paradigm, so we all must get used to it. Wishing this weren’t so, whining, hand-wringing and continuing to promote an obsolete and failing paradigm (that increasingly large numbers of voters will not support) will do no good. It would be wise for those of us truly concerned about the future of our great nation to work towards the center, and a slogan to the effect of: “A Better Deal for Everyone.”Peter Bergh,EdwardsVail, Colorado

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