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Letters to the editor

Battle Mountain High School Dance Team

What a great community we live in! The Battle Mountain High School Dance Team recently completed a very successful Junior Dance Academy, which helped raise funds for the team to attend the National Dance Competition this March in Florida. We would like to thank all of our generous supporters. Thanks to the Vail Daily, Vail Resorts, City Market, and Wal-mart. We’d also like to thank Mr. Koetteritz for working with us in scheduling gym time and giving us tickets to the game. Please patronize both Pazzo’s in Vail and Avon. They are always ready to help us out with incredibly generous donations. Thank you so much, Pazzo’s. SSpecial thanks also goes to The Saloon in Minturn, who made a generous donation to the BMHS Dance Team. And, finally, we want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of the girls and their families who participated in our Husky Junior Dance Academy. We appreciate your great attitudes, high energy, and hard work. You did a fabulous job! Thank you to the Vail community for supporting us and helping us reach our 2004-05 dream!Battle Mountain High School Dance Team: Andrea, Pam, Chelsea, Ali, Anna, Rolena, Tiffany, Verena, Sarah, Lexi, Megan, Marki, Reva, Lauren, and KatieA non-issueWouldn’t it be nice if Wayne Allard and Marilyn Musgrave put an equal amount of time and energy into being concerned about the children of their constituencies as they do to banning gay marriage.? Where is the call for making sure our public schools are funded properly and that all children have “good” medical care available for them, and that opportunities abound to bring them into the future as contributing citizens? Where is the call for protecting these children from abusive parents, from child pornography, from misfit heterosexuals who prey on them? Where is the voice of concern over violence that is on constant view in our papers, our news, our games, our sports, our daily existence? Why aren’t we addressing real concerns of the nation? Protecting our ports is a good one, also the environment that our children will inherit, good medical care for everyone, a fair shot at an education, meaningful care of the elderly, etc. You know, all those things termed “feel good” stuff. The stuff that makes us decent humans whose obligations as humans is to help everyone you can up the ladder of life. Homosexuals do not threaten non-homosexuals, although non-homosexuals threaten homosexuals frequently. Who exactly is the dangerous group in this case? Are we so weak in our beliefs in our own way of living that we find someone who is “different” an imminent threat? I think people need to start focusing on what they can do to improve themselves and they won’t have so much time to worry about alternative ways to love another person. How do we get so tangled up in small matters when such huge ones loom in our horizon every day?The world needs to worry about a lot more odious things than gay marriage. Matt Zalaznick, thank you for being a voice of reason on this subject for both heterosexual and homosexual citizens.Sandra DonnellyRecycling ideasThe article in the Daily about recycling brought up other questions for me. What about all the different paper products, including office paper and magazines that we get in the mail? Personally, I bring all my mail home. After reading through it, I separate it into newspapers, magazines and office paper, and then bring it to the Vail recycling center. As far as I know, that is the only place that accepts paper products other than newspapers. Is this true?I was excited when the Post Office put in recycle bins, as this was something I had thought about for years. I was disappointed when I observed that no one seemed to change their behavior. People still seemed to get their mail, walk to the closest table, and throw all their junk mail into the nearest garbage can, which was conveniently located right at the end of the table. Recently, they moved some of the recycle bins so that they are as conveniently located as the garbage cans. However, since you have to stuff your junk mail through a slot, it is still not as easy as throwing your junk mail into the garbage can. To this day, I have NEVER seen anyone put anything into the recycle bins. Now granted, I don’t hang around watching people, I just notice what they do while I am walking by, but still.What is in the mail that is NOT recyclable? What can and cannot go into those bins? Could the Post Office put one or two garbage cans in inconvenient places, and keep the recycle bins right next to the tables? Could the Post Office remove the garbage cans entirely?At the Telluride Blues and Brews, they have the most impressive recycling program I have ever seen. However, they also realize that most people are either too ignorant or too lazy to use this system properly. They actually staff the recycle/garbage areas with helpful, cheerful volunteers who teach and assist people. Almost nothing goes into the garbage. Is this the only way to change people’s behavior?Bill LindsayVail Vail, Colorado

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