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Letters to the editor

The Benway family

The Benway family wishes to extend its heartfelt thanks for all the incredible support provided to us after the tragic loss of our son, brother and uncle – Timothy Russell Benway.Within hours of the accident we were constantly surrounded by family and friends. They assisted us in the preparation of Tim’s services, provided the emotional and logistical support we so needed, cooked us breakfast and had us over for numerous meals.We should all be thankful that we live in such a unique, eclectic, thoughtful and caring place. We are rich in terms that many others would dismiss. Our community has assets, values, and unity that few others have. It is impossible to quantify. The Vail community responded in manner and deeds that amazed us and still does.Some examples:Father Brooks arranging for the use of the Vail Interfaith Chapel and helping us plan the church service. The donation of the Donovan Pavilion and its staff by the town of Vail. The Vail Police Department for assisting with the parking challenge. Carl Jordan of Heartwood Custom Woodworks Inc. for sculpting and donating the urn. Charmayne Bernhardt’s artistic painting of the Urn and her role as a master organizer. Mike Crabtree of Crabtree Galleries for his talented digital transformation of old photographs into attractive pictures. Peter J. Obernesser and Dr. Phil Freedman, our eulogist. Bill Cotton of Mountain Shades and Sarah Fisher of the Episcopal Church, for their work in helping to create the power point slide show. Katie Floyd and CME for drivers and vans of the shuttle service. Thomas Newsted and Doug Klacik, Game Creek Club, for providing a feast. Chris and Pollyanna of Eat! and Drink! at Edwards.We are forever thankful for our close friends and their families, and for all those people, young and old, who were touched by Tim, his colorful past, zest for life, and engaging personality. From many places near and far you called, e-mailed, sent a card or attended the services. He had a long reach. We would like to mention everyone. However, you number over 500. Instead we will write a note to each one of you. It will take time, but we look forward to the task. We are blessed to have raised a family among so many good people.Lastly, we wish to thank those responsible for the donation of the land, the planning and effort it required to create the Vail Memorial Garden. Now we have a place for Tim where people can visit, reflect, and remember that special human being; son, brother, and friend to so many, who died in his effort to help someone in need.Timothy Russell Benway – Rest in peaceWith thanks to all.P.S.: We apologize if we have failed to mention a commercial donor. Please inform us and we can acknowledge.The BenwaysWrong countyThe reason that Gary Horn doesn’t understand what is going on with the local efforts of Bond and McCoy to be included within an Eagle County Fire Protection District is simply because he doesn’t live in Eagle County.The community here is not “lost.” Only Horn is lost, bothered and bewildered because he resides in Routt County, and our forming (or joining) a special fire district is strictly a matter for just the residents of Eagle County to decide.Horn has refused to accept the fact that 29 local landowners in the Bond-McCoy area, plus all of the Horse Mountain development north of Wolcott, have sent individual letters of protest to the Greater Eagle Fire Department emphatically stating their personal preference to be annexed by the Eagle River Fire District of Avon and Edwards. Apparently, why Horn just doesn’t get it is because:Horn lives in Routt County, not in Eagle County.Horn pays his property taxes to Routt County, not to Eagle County.Horn’s children go to Routt County schools, not to Eagle County schools.Horn’s wife is on the Routt County Fair Board, not on the Eagle County Fair Board.Horn resides within the Yampa Fire Protection District of South Routt County, not within Eagle County.The trust is that Horn is ineligible to vote in any special district election in Eagle County, regardless of which fire protection district may appear on the ballot for Bond and McCoy.As Eagle County residents, we respect our Routt County neighbors, but we expect them to keep their noses out of our county affairs and local tax district matters. So, Mr. Horn, please butt out and stop trying to mislead the Eagle County residents in our community by your continuous interference with our local fire district election in which you are not even qualified to vote.Merrill HastingsFounding ChairmanBond/McCoy Volunteer Fire DepartmentThanks, Eagle PoliceRecently I have read some negative comments about the Eagle Police Department and would like to share my very positive experience with this same group of law enforcement professionals.Two days ago, I was involved in a hit-and-run accident in Eagle. I gave chase, called 911 and within two minutes was joined by Sheriff Deputy Bob Silva and four Eagle patrol officers, one of whom was the new chief. These officers dealt efficiently with the unlicensed operator who hit me and tried to flee, treated me and my young grandson with dignity and respect, and by 9:00 the next morning provided me with accurate, detailed police reports, copies of the violation citations on the driver, gave me counsel on how to proceed with a claim against the other insured vehicle. They even had the policy number needed for my claim!My vehicle is now in repair, less than three days after this frightening experience. I have a free loaner car and I owe it all to the Eagle PD. Thank you!Bill McCarthyGypsumTruly greatAs faithful readers of the Vail Daily, including letters to the editor, we seldom see recognition of Vail Mountain as a truly wonderful ski area. We have been coming to Vail in the winter for over 20 years and are always immensely impressed each year by the extent of the grooming and the sheer size and variety of the trails. This year we noted a real improvement to the cat track bypassing Orient Express to Cloud 9/Teapot chairs. There also appear to be more Yellow Jacket speed police and we see few if any collisions or close calls.Our Vail experience is also given a big boost by the wonderful, courteous and friendly service at Christy Sport Shop on Bridge Street. Paul and his entire group downstairs make our stay in Vail a great pleasure. Congratulations, guys.What a great treasure this place is!Don and Marcia RushfordRutland, Vt. Please ‘gouge’ meThere have been several letters recently from over-70 skiers whining about how they are being unconscionably gouged by VR at having to pay $349 for an unrestricted season pass. So basically their complaint is that they are now only getting a REALLY, REALLY great deal instead of the REALLY, REALLY, REALLY great deal they used to get. They remind me of my mother-in-law, who feels she is being gouged when she has to pay more than 25 cents an hour for someone to mow her lawn. I am 57, a part-time resident, and a season ticket purchaser since 1998. Mr. Aron, if you are reading this, PLEASE gouge me next year with a $349 season pass. I promise not to whine. (Does anyone but me wonder what these destitute seniors are doing here at a ski resort, skiing all winter long?)Tom HixVail, Colorado

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