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Letters to the editor

Jamie Jay

As a student at Eagle Valley High School I would like to make a comment about the trimester system currently in use. High school students are being cheated. Though many adults would say “life isn’t fair,” this system is everything but good for students. Last year students at EVHS had seven 50-minute classes, separated into two semesters. In accordance with law there were 178 days of classes. In one individual class a student would have 9,625 minutes of one class, approximately 160.4 hours. Under the new trimester system students have five 70-minute classes separated into three trimesters. Usually a class is only held for two of those trimesters. If one was to divide the required 178 days of classes by three trimesters, there would be approximately 120 days of a class. This adds up to 8,400 minutes or 140 hours of study.This marks a huge gap in learning. We lose 20 hours of teacher-contact time in any particular area of study. We are the future of this country. Is it right to cheat us like this? Jamie JayHardly a cowardI would like to respond to young Matt Zalaznick and his Feb. 17 commentary: In your usual unbalanced column, you attack Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family with great harshness. You refer to Dr. Dobson as fanatical, idiotic, demented, hateful and a coward. You use the word “icon” to describe Jon Stewart and Michael Moore. I would submit to you that Dr. Dobson has more character, integrity and courage in his little finger than Mr. Moore has in his rather large, unshapely body. Dr. Dobson stands up with conviction, not cowardice, to what most Americans in that mass sea of red believe – faith, marriage between one man and one woman, and strong family values.As the farmer Mr. Miecyslaw so courageously stood firm in the face of immerse intimating evil, so does Dr. Dobson stand up against child pornography and other evils that try to undermine our society. Agree or disagree, Dr. Dobson is no coward.Jim MarshSuggested signsAs a courtesy to unsuspecting westbound I-70 motorists, may the following three signs be suggested:At mile marker 179 – CAUTION: Mile 172 to 170 has highest rural accident rate of I-70. Reduce speed to suit conditions.At mile marker 177 – CAUTION: Grade increases from 1 percent to more than 4 percent. Brake to maintain 65 mph. Exhaust mufflers required.At Mile marker 173 – DANGER: When roadway wet, hydro-plane condition may exist. Maximum speed 45 mph. With snow, Icing on roadway may exist. Maximum speed 35 mph.Auto insurance companies should support this simple measure.The town of Vail should like this because at least four officers become involved for just a single car guardrail accident.The fire officials would not have as many emergency responses. The ambulance district would not have the frequent siren and flashing light trips to Dowds Junction. (Note the correct spelling.) It may be too complex for CDOT to understand sequential sign messages, but in Denver, they seem to be capable of announcing exit numbers for at least three earlier signs.Steve ZorichakVailNo parking!This letter is in regards to the inadequate-lack of parking at Buffalo Ridge Apartments in Avon. 0Per the town of Avon standards, each unit is supposed to have two parking spaces. At Buffalo Ridge we are not guaranteed a single space per unit! I get off work at 11:30 and have to park far away from my building and have even had to park at Pizza Hut, and walk up Swift Gulch Road – a real pain! Buffalo Ridge did not make enough parking spaces. There are zero guest spots. Yes, I said zero. So if your mom, dad, brother or sister or boyfriend or girlfriend wants to come to your unit, they are not allowed to park at Buffalo Ridge. What about pizza delivery? This is ridiculous! Has anyone looked into this parking situation? How was low-income housing able to not develop the correct amount of parking spots per the town of Avon standards? Maybe we need to talk to Magnus Lindholm. Mike HardakerAvonVail, Colorado

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