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Letters to the editor

Vincent Yates

Recently, the Kyoto Treaty on Global Warming went into effect, marking the first time the world (with the notable exception of the U.S.) united to address the greatest natural disaster since the last glacial period. The treaty reduces global emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases that trap the sun’s heat, melting the glaciers and flooding coastal cities throughout the world. This week, U.S. government scientists confirmed a definite rise in the temperature of ocean waters, the driving force behind global climate changes.Despite our administration’s boycott of the treaty, each of us should do our share to minimize emissions of these gases by limiting the use of fossil fuels in our cars, our homes and our diets.Yes, our diets. According to Cornell University Professor David Pimentel, production of animal-based foods accounts for 8 percent of the national consumption of fossil fuels – nearly as much as driving our cars. It requires nearly 10 times as much fuel as production of plant-based foods. The additional fuel is used to grow animal feed, to operate factory farms and slaughterhouses, and to process and refrigerate meat/dairy products.We can show our support for the Kyoto Treaty and planetary survival each time we visit our supermarket.GratefulDear Mr. (Adam) Aron (chief executive and board chairman of Vail Resorts): I just had to take a moment to send you my sincere thanks for joining the “America Supports You” campaign. My son is stationed in Mosul, Iraq, for the next year or so, but he used to work for Vail Resorts as “your youngest ticket scanner” before he joined the Army in 2001. When B.J. was just 14, he begged and begged me to work for you, so I brought him to Avon, he filled out an application, and was overjoyed when he was hired. He loved working for Vail Resorts, and he will be touched by today’s article in the Vail Daily. I mailed it along with one of your “Vail Loves You” stickers in a care package full of special treats for his unit. Thank you for remembering these brave men and women. I hope I get to see the soldiers who are visiting Vail this weekend, so I can shake their hands and remind them that “America Loves You!”Jackie Ogden Code Enforcement Division Vail Police Department Need a laneHaving the desire to leave everything I do better than I found it, I was wondering, could we in Eagle County save up enough money to make a turning lane after Edwards Building Center heading west on 6 at the South Lake Creek turn off to Pilgrims Down gated community and the elementary school. It seems like it would be thoughtful of us as people.Maybe, people would not bump into each other in inclement weather at 50 mph. Gee’s I’m brilliant, ha, ha. No charge! Next customer please.Raymond OtwellEdwardsHockey support”It takes an entire community to support a hockey team. …”As a parent of three hockey players (two natural and one surrogate!) on the Battle Mountain hockey team, I wish to thank the entire valley for their support during the Huskies amazing run in the 2004-05 season. Without all of you, this memory-filled time in these players lives would have gone unnoticed.Thank you to KSKE radio and all the wonderful sponsors who paid for the air time so the entire valley could listen to the games; to Jim Hill and Barry Biegler for their colorful commentary on the radio – you made these players feel important and special – like shining stars; to TV-8 and PLUM TV for their awesome coverage and interviews with the players; to Aaron the bus driver, who got our kids to and fro safely, and his unwavering support as an unofficial coach and friend; to Barry Biegler for underwriting many a team dinner; to the great sports staff of the Vail Daily, headed up by Chris Freud, who really felt he deserved to participate in Parents Night; to all the fans who made the long drive to Colorado Springs this past weekend and all the short drives to Dobson and Eagle – you will never know how much your voices lifted these players; to Winnie Marcum for buying 150 gold pom-poms, so the World Arena would never forget the Huskies were there; to Jeff and Sue Byron for all.The T-shirts they made for the parents, bus driver and players – especially the shirt that said “BELIEVE”; to Lovey Coulter for hosting the best steak dinner at her home after the Aspen game; to Linda Chase for all her correspondence and travel arrangements; to Frank Chow for all the great photos; to Fred Koetteritz and the BMHS teachers who worked the door; to the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic for providing awesome trainers on the bench all year; to Roger Behler and 1stBank for sponsoring the seniors in the upcoming all-star game; to all the young Vail Junior Hockey players who came to the games and made this team feel like they were your heroes; to all the BMHS, Mountain School, Vail Christian and EVHS students for your unwavering cheers, posters and body-painting; to family and friends who came to support not only the players, but their parents; to the coaches Andy, Jeff and Matt – you were more than coaches, you were friends, mentors and role models, you definitely put the smiles back on our hockey players’ faces; to all the parents who pitched in for the weekly team dinners, cheered loudly, drove long miles, provided love and support, washed smelly hockey gear and were there at the end with strong shoulders for all the tears; and lastly, to the players – you filled our lives with excitement, pride and a few heart attacks; you were gracious winners and brave losers in the final game, but through it all you never, ever gave up. For that you can be proud. If I have forgotten anyone, I apologize, but know that you are thanked. Here’s to an amazing journey.Beth ChowEdwardsVail, Colorado

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