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Letters to the editor

Paul Rondeau

To the town of Vail decision makers: We continue to get newspaper letters and Tipsline submissions expressing views on the conference center. Most are one sided for or against. Jim Lamont recently took the time to provide a wealth of information not brought out earlier in any one place, then went on to fill in the blanks of a conclusion. I floated the notion of a third option (neither pro nor con) by adding a small tiered facility that could be used for local performing arts, realizing locals are partly paying for the project through sales tax and giving up their irreplaceable hub site.So what’s wrong with this whole picture and process? Simply the sounds of silence from our decision makers by continuing to move along as if all these views have not been expressed. Let me quote from the Conference Center Committee’s bible, the HVS Business Case report: “A coordinated community-wide effort will be necessary to successfully fund this project.”It is absolutely indefensible for the town to consider moving ahead without gaining a semblance of public unity for this project. Showing pretty pictures of the building without answering the financial questions and what’s in it for ALL the people is not a way to gain community unity. This conference center cannot tear this community apart, and the decision makers need to be sensitive to this principle.There are ways to avoid this and to date they have not been considered. Please ask for suggestions and volunteer help in this most important matter. Hubris (the word we are hearing a lot of these days) should not automatically be the mind-set based simply on all the hard work that has gone into the projectPaul RondeauVailAn era passesDear Sundance Saloon: Farewell, my dear. This is it. The last few hours before you are ripped down and replaced by a bunch of million dollar condos. No worries, of course. Everyone knows you, Mr. Sundance Saloon, will be easily replaced. Let’s see, there’s got to be another place with your 24-year history, where if the walls could speak, a whole lot of people would be in trouble. There must be a place where upon entering the front door, everyone knows your name, greets you with a smile, and is happy to see you. There must be a place where you can act like an idiot, or be grumpy, and not have that stupidity held against you. There must be a place where seamless conversations exist, without judgment or penalization. There must be a place where one can fall in love with a friend, and then wake up the next morning wondering what the heck happened. There must be a place where you can frequent year after year, and nothing thankfully changes. There must be a place. There’s got to be a place. Right? Thanks for everything, Sundance Saloon. It’s been one heck of a journey. And just remember as the bulldozers rip through your walls, in actuality, it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, to find a replacement. So, thank you for the memories and as you already know, you will be truly missed by a whole lot of people.Colby ScudderWhat happened?What has happened to the Vail library? It used to be considered one of the crown jewels of the Vail Valley. People only had wonderful things to say about it. I don’t understand how the residents of the town have become so stingy with this resource. I can remember when you could check things out of the library if you were just a visitor. In my office there are 11 workers. Only two live in the town of Vail. We buy gas, lunch, gifts, etc., while we are at work, contributing to the revenues for the library through the sales tax we pay, generating more revenue through sales tax from the people who come into town to use the service we provide. Maybe it’s time to consider having one library system for the entire valley. If it weren’t for the sales tax income from the downvalley residents, Vail might not have such a nice library facility. Jill Warner Vail, Colorado

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