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Letters to the editor


Am I the only one in the Valley who thinks the new parking system in Vail stinks?–

Sure there have been a few letters of protest, but frankly I would think that the local citizens around here might be storming the Vail municipal offices in protest kind of like the folks in Transylvania finally did in the Dracula movies or in lieu of that drastic action, be writing a ton more letters of protest and contacting the members of the Vail Town Council to voice their displeasure.

-The new system (which reportedly cost over $400K and probably resulted in the person who sold this albatross being awarded the national Salesman of the Year) has so many flaws that it is laughable it it weren’t for the fact that we have to deal with it.—

I suspected it might be a problem when I picked up my new card at the town offices this fall and the woman who was trying to instruct me and another woman who was getting hers couldn’t do it right herself, and then told us to not worry and it would be OK by the time we had to use it. Right! And the Tooth Fairy is going to leave a quarter under my pillow tomorrow morning.

They decided to limit the spaces for locals who have the card, and what are their options if the spaces are all filled? Namely to go out to the main garage and pay “retail.” But the fact is that on days when the garages are filled, people are allowed to park on the Frontage Road. So why can’t card holders be allowed to go park on the road if all the spaces are taken, or just park in the garage and show their card upon exiting and pay the fee that they would have had deducted from their card? I guess that would not only be fair but it wouldn’t work since it wouldn’t serve to increase the parking revenues of the town.

-As for the use of the card, every time I’ve used it I’ve seen confused people trying to figure out what to do. Why can’t there be a sign adjacent to the infernal machines with step-by-step instructions on how to use it? Gee, I guess no one thought of that.—

The machines give you the option of paying either $3 or-$20. People stand there with a puzzled look on their faces and say, “I thought-this was supposed to-cost me $5.” The machines don’t always read your card, either. If that happens, your only option is to drive out and go to the regular garage.

Hopefully, the town of Vail will get this mess straightened out and make it more local-friendly one of these days. Right now, the message they are sending is “Hey locals, go away and let the tourists park here. We don’t want your business.”

If enough locals get that message, what do you think it will do for their sales tax revenues and the restaurant business in Vail? If the town of Vail and the Town Council refuses to address this issue, then hopefully the citizens will remember this waste of taxpayer money and bring that memory to the polls in the next election.

But in the meantime, one truth is obvious: This new parking system stinks!

-Bart Savage


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