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Letters to the editor


an explanation

I wish I could say I was surprised that Mike Gallagher retained the chair of the Board of County Commissioners, but I’m not. It appears that the “vote” that took place on Tuesday was simply a rubber stamp of a foregone conclusion.

To Mike Gallagher: The people of Eagle County deserve to know why you feel Arn Menconi would be unfit as chairman. Whether you like Arn or not, he was elected by the citzens of this county. By your actions you are telling us that we are not intelligent enough to elect someone who can take on the chair duties.

By the same token, we deserve to know why you think you are qualified to be chair. Your backroom maneuverings and unwillingness to discuss an issue that affects all of us certainly aren’t in your favor.

To Tom Stone: The people of Eagle County aren’t stupid – please stop treating us that way. For you to say, and ask us to believe, that you were unaware that Arn was interested in the chair is insulting. If nothing else, the Dec. 12 article in the Vail Daily that dealt with precisely this issue, and in which you were quoted, should have tipped you off.

To both of you: The people of Eagle County deserve to be

treated better than this. If you have valid concerns about Arn’s abilities to represent this county, fine – let us know what they are.

But to offer no explanation, or one as thin as last July’s snowpack, is beneath all of us.

Paul Witt


Made a difference

The family of Ray Medina wold like to express their gratitude and thanks for everyone who contributed to us with cards, flowers, food and phone calls in our time of loss.

It is wonderful to know that we have so many friends and family who took time out of their holiday plans to give to us. Ray truly did touch a lot of people’s lives in his short 39 years of life.

A special thanks to Pauline Gurule, who was there for us all day, giving her support and love when we received the news. Also Pastors Don and Vicki Hannan and Pastor Dan and Belinda Matney, whose prayers and words of wisdom helped us greatly. Darlene Medina, Debbie Mascarenas, Lennea Richardson, Frances Quintana, Joe Bonsal, Rene Bajza, Peter and Tammy Grewe, Joe and Rose Mattillo and countless others who brought and prepared food for us.

Thank you so much. Words cannot express how you made a difference in our lives.

There are so many people who sent cards and money. Thank you so much for your expression of love. Many gave without us knowing your names, but we thank you for being a part of our healing process.

All those at West Star Bank who set up and contributed to the account in Debbie Medina’s name, thank you. You truly have blessed her and we pray that you would be blessed a hundred fold for your gifts.

We would also like to thank the town of Gypsum and Eagle Valley High School for giving generously of your facilities and time. We cannot thank you enough. Also to Gary Welker and his son Andrew for taking care of the sound at Ray’s memorial service. The praise and worship team of Anointed Christian Fellowship, thank you. You did a beautiful set of songs.

Most of all we thank our Father in heaven who sent his only son Jesus to die for us, so that we could be saved and have eternal life. Ray knew this and we joyfully wait to see him again one day in heaven. Thank you all again for all you did for us and please forgive us if we left anyone out.

Thank you for sharing in a life well lived, the life Ray shared with his wife, his sons, his family and his friends will not be forgotten.

The family of Ray Medina

Windshield critic

While driving on Interstate 70 last week heading West I noticed an interesting phenomena. As I looked at Copper Mountain’s north-facing slopes, I noticed how beautifully groomed and white the slopes appeared to be.

Fifteen minutes later, while passing the north-facing slopes of Vail Mountain, many slopes appeared to be poorly groomed with obvious dirt and rocks on the trails. Was this my imagination? I think not.

Toby Mower


Lots of help

On Friday, Jan. 10, the Vail Mountain School hosted over 150 competitors and 13 teams for a state high school qualification nordic ski race.

The team would like to thank the Vail Recreation District, Jim Sanders, Tom Gaylord, the Vail Nordic Center, Snow Mountain Ranch timing, Ski Club Vail, Seasons on the Green restaurant, parents, coaches, and all the community volunteers who helped to make the race a tremendous success! Thank you!

Karl H-chtl

Dan Weiland

Miranda Zucco

VMS Nordic Coaches

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