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Letters to the editor

Doug Ketchum

I’ve watched our summer traffic increase every year for the past 20 and I’m totally amazed with the number of cars, trucks, cyclists, walkers, runners, joggers, Roller Bladers, moms with strollers (you get the idea), that more people haven’t been hit by passing vehicles on our narrow mountain roads and totally outdated, roadway infrastructure.It particularly blows me out to see what might appear to be knowledgeable runners and cyclists using the wrong side of the road. I’m probably more sensitive to this issue as a result of losing a childhood friend by a hit-and-run driver when I was a teenager. Had he been walking on the left (facing traffic) rather than the right (with his back to on-coming traffic), he might still be with us today. He never saw it coming, and it hurts even now as I recount his memory.Your paper is the one medium that most people who spend a day or more in our valley are bound to see. My request is a simple one. Somewhere on the front page please find room to remind people every day, when using our roads, to WALK ON THE LEFT AND RIDE ON THE RIGHT! You’ll never know how many lives you may save, but I have no doubt you will as our roads continue to get more and more dangerous in the days, months and years ahead.Doug KetchumFollow the law!I enjoy riding my bike as much as the rest of you, but I think it is time to remind some of you of the Colorado Rules of the Road pertaining to bicycle operation from bicyclecolo.org:1) Persons operating bicycles on roadways shall ride single file.2) Riding two abreast is permitted in the following circumstances: When no motor vehicle traffic is approaching within 300 feet in front of or behind you. When sight distance is greater than 300 feet in front of or behind you. On paths or parts of the roadway set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles.3) Persons riding two abreast shall ride within a single lane.I am getting really annoyed by having to dangerously cross over the double yellow line to pass bikers riding illegally two abreast (or more) on Highway 6. At no time is there a circumstance where there isn’t a car within 300 feet in front of you or behind you on Highway 6. Did you know that the Rules of the Road above are based on laws that are punishable by a class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense, which are similar to automobile moving violation laws? Of course, I can’t say that I have seen any police officers handing out tickets or warnings. Ryan WolffeAvonEnough alreadyPresident Bush has scheduled a meeting in the coming days with Muhammad Abbas, head of the PLO. He has given his organization over $1 billion since he first became president.This meeting would be an opportune time for the president to express his displeasure with the PLO’s abuse of the massive funding he has given them over the last four and a half years. Just May 13, official Palestinian television broadcast a hate-filled “sermon” by Sheikh Mudeiris, who is a noted supporter of Osama Bin-Laden’s Al-Qaeda. “Israel is a cancer among the Islamic peoples,” the sheikh shouted over the airwaves paid for by U.S. tax dollars provided by the present administration. Sheikh Mudeiris continued his rant with the following venomous words which were also broadcast on the official PLO airwaves bought and paid for by our administration: “All you have to do is read history. Ask the British what they did with their Jews. In the sixth century according to the Christian calendar, they were thrown out for 300 years. Ask the French what they did with their Jews. Ask the French. They burned their Talmud because of the dissension they (the Jews) stirred there. Ask Portugal what it did with the Jews. Ask Tsarist Russia what it did with its Jews who were conspiring to kill the Tsar.” And then Mudeiris finished that rhetorical flurry with a particularly disgusting racial slur: “And don’t ask Germany what it did with the Jews. Because it was the Jews who brought Nazism, which led to the destruction of the entire world.” After this administration has given more than $1 billion to the PLO over the last four and a half years, this is what our aid has purchased. When the president meets with Mr. Abbas in the coming days, I hope he expresses America’s disgust with his misuse of U.S. funds to peddle his ugly hatreds in his official media. The president should do so privately and publicly and unequivocally. Otherwise his administration becomes complicit in his vicious bigotry. Arthur Kittay Eagle Vail, Colorado

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