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Letters to the editor


It’s sad that the manager of a rock station is so far out of touch with rock ‘n’ roll that he suspends a DJ for playing a tribute to a classical rocker following his untimely death.-

Was Safety Steve even aware that one of the Bee Gees recently died? The Bee Gees have just as much a place in rock ‘n’ roll history as Ozzy Osbourne or anybody else who has sold even half as many albums as they had, not to mention No. 1 hits.

Just because some narrow-minded station manager has no appreciation for the product his station delivers doesn’t mean the Bee Gees suck and should never be played again because he thinks since disco is dead so they are too! (The Bee Gees had several hits that were not considered disco.)–

I thought we had progressed from the day when Elvis was banned from stations that didn’t agree with his image and onstage antics. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to hear four Bee Gees songs in a row every day. But it was a classy move by a classical hits station DJ to play a tribute to a fallen rock ‘n’ roll icon.

I am proud to admit that included in my collection of CDs – among the Stones, Doors,-Zepplin, Steely Dan, etc. –is a Bee Gees Greatist Hits!–

It’s sad to think that DJs are given a list of music they have to play and are not allowed to deviate from what management feels people need to hear. Are the DJs at KTUN forbidden from playing any of The Who since Pete Townsend was accused of being a pedophile?! I haven’t thrown away my Who CDs yet.

Are they allowed to play Elton John since he doesn’t fit the image of a classical rocker?

If the DJs are nothing more than format puppets, why don’t they just have a station without DJs? This really gives new meaning to the recent hit by Tom Petty – “Last DJ,” about a DJ who plays what he wants to play. –

I’m quite sure the Bee Gees never made any music that wasn’t PG-rated and suitable for all listeners. Maybe this Safety Steve should be a station manager in some other country that wasn’t founded on freedom of speech like this one was!

From a professional standpoint, I feel it was completely unprofessional for a station manager to call his DJ and get into an on-air argument, complete with suspension. That is without question something that a true radio professional wouldn’t allow to be played on the air.

Dennis Mac can’t be blamed for that, since it was his boss who made the wrong call!



He’s clueless

This past Sunday, I had a much deserved day off from Ski School and briefly channel-surfed the morning news and interview shows before starting my day. My jaw dropped at one where someone defending the president’s economic recovery plan backpeddled on the question posed to him by the host, who asked, “Don’t federal government deficits drive up interest rates?”

His answer was “lots of things drive up interest rates.”

Who is he kidding? If you take the very basic conservative view that the laws of supply and demand rule everything a capitalist holds dear, then, when you sop up the supply of available investments by putting out government bonds to fund a growing deficit, it stands to reason what little capital is left will cost more because now you have to compete with the federal government for the same money.

I’m sure Mr. Bush’s Harvard advisers have an answer for this, too. Something along the lines of Don’t worry about a shortage of capital due to the federal government competing with the private sector for funds. The soon-to-be revived economy will generate enough for everybody.

To which I reply, “Yeah, at skyrocketing rates!” What do you think a 10 percent or higher rate will do to your mortgage payment, not to mention, rent?

Don’t these guys bother to look at even recent history? Forget about the class struggle or whether the plan is better for the rich 1 percent, or the soon-to-be-and think-they’re-rich 60 percent. If rates go up, an already highly leveraged society will have nowhere to go.

Can we please have a president who knows what he’s doing?

Gus Nicholson


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