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Letters to the editor


What a surprise that Arn Menconi was not rotated into the seat of chairperson for the Eagle County commissioners!

We have all seen this coming since the letters to the editor began in December in the Vail Daily and the Eagle Valley Enterprise. Which one of those newspapers didn’t say that Arn was hoping for a chance at the rotation of the chairperson? You can’t tell me Stone or Gallagher don’t read at least one of those papers.

It may not be a “requirement” that the chairmanship is rotated, but tradition has been very consistent for 20 years and common sense would tell you that it is Arn’s turn at the position.

What were they thinking? Not of their fellow commissioner, that’s apparent. In fact, if either of the other board members had come into office when Arn did, it would be their turn in that chairman position. What is wrong with this picture?

If the Board of Commissioners’ chairmanship does not hold any authority other than to provide direction to the board, representing the board in some situations, and signing of county documents, why is it so difficult for the others to relinquish it to their fellow commissioner?

It takes the entire board to make the decisions that make the county operate. Is Arn not responsible? He’s there at the meetings, represents his district as he was elected to, and is more often that not the only one who is available to attend other meetings. I have yet to see ALL of the commissioners at one meeting at the same time.

If either one of these commissioners were my children, I would put them in the time-out chair until they understood that not playing nice with others is NOT acceptable.

I have to admire Arn for his statement that “Arguments should be left for the real issues” and “My job is to maintain the integrity of what it is to be an elected official, to represent the real issues and this isn’t critical.”

That needs to be the mission statement for the entire board.

Hopefully, Commissioners Gallagher and Stone will learn that they should be working as a team and not as individuals with their own agendas.

Pam Schultz


Tell us more

Again we see another interesting lengthy convoluted communication published Jan. 16 by Thomas Hohn wrestling with the worthwhile words and thoughts of Butch Mazzuca’s.

Mr. Hohn’s words seem sincere and his ideas interesting, but one might question his comment about evidence of Iraq’s nuclear potential or having weapons of mass destruction.

Perhaps he should read chapter eight of Samantha Power’s book “A Problem from Hell, America and the Age of Genocide,” which contains a plethora of information on the previous Bush’s unfortunate and sad diplomatic twists and turns dealing with Saddam Hussein as he was exterminating the Kurds.

Why does America do this, dealing with dictators and despots. Did we do it in Panama, Cuba and Indo China? Where else? Now we are 180 degrees on the other side of the equation in Iraq. War! So sensless.

Other aspects of Mr. Hohn’s letter could be addressed but would take up too much space and would require much more background than I possess, but I do feel that man has not learned from past history and will surely repeat it with greater vengance.

From the cross-bow to nuclear destruction, let’s hope and pray that those involved with our future all maintain their cool and we get visionaries and statesmen – soon!

Finally, Mr. Dennis Jones’ letter published one day before Mr. Hohn’s touches on some worthwhile suggestions that one would wish Mr. Hohn might come up with in future communications.

Fletcher MacNeill


Still the best

Your column on “big boxes” was unfortunately true. My first visit to Colorado was in 1940 – a hike up Pikes’ Peak. It was wonderful.

My first visit to the Indonesian island of Bali was in 1955 – long before the terrorist attack. And I have been going to Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta for 23 years.

My hotel in Bali was a one-story, 32-room villa. Now all of the world’s super hotels are open – glass and towers. The largest signboard I’ve ever seen is between the Puerto Vallarta airport and the city. It announced the grand opening of Wall-Mart. Colorado’s magnificient mountains are too large to be completely overwhelmed. This is not true in most of the world’s premier living areas.

So cheer up. Vail may suffer from the big boxs, but is still the best the world, nevertheless.

Bill Newbold

Hurst, Texas

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