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Letters to the editor

Jason W. Denhart

Avon residents beware! A greedy developer wants to destroy our wonderful Nottingham Park and Lake area with two massive buildings that are totally out of line with the rest of the lake neighborhood. The current development proposal for the last remaining empty lot on Nottingham Lake calls for a 60-foot-tall monstrosity that will tower over our community park and open space and cast a huge pall over our beautiful lakeside scenery. In the proposal currently before the Avon Planning and Zoning Commission, this development will also encroach upon the existing side yard setback requirements which will very negatively impact the neighborhood. Do you want a 60 -foot-tall behemoth towering over Nottingham Lake? Do you want a development that pushes every building envelope imaginable and destroys the character and charm of the Nottingham Park neighborhood? I for one do not, and I urge my fellow taxpayers to make their voices heard. Several Avon planning and zoning commissioners have described this development as “a precedent setting project” that will “change the character and feel of Nottingham Park forever.” Do not let this developer destroy our community park and lake neighborhood with this project! Call the Avon Community Development Department at 748-4030. Call the Avon planning and zoning commissioners and/or your Avon Town Council Members at 748-4000. This development will be up for a vote for final approval (or denial) this Tuesday, June 21, at the Planning and Zoning meeting in the Avon Municipal Building. All concerned citizens, and anyone who cares about maintaining the character of Nottingham Park and Lake, should attend this meeting and make their voices heard. It is way past the time for Avon residents to take a stand against all of these greedy developers that continue to try to destroy the character of our neighborhoods. Thank you.Jason W. DenhartAvonCrossroads fanI was recently informed that the proposed redevelopment project for Crossroads may not be approved by Vail Town Council. I am curious to hear reasons as to why members of Town Council, or any resident of Vail for that matter, would oppose the project, as it seems to make perfect, albeit rather ambitious, sense to me. From what I understand, the developer plans to have all parking redirected to an underground garage, removing the blight of a lot which currently exists there and replacing it with a community plaza. The new plans also include an improved movie theater, a bowling ally, and an ice arena. Having worked on the mountain for several years and regularly fielded questions from parents about what there is in Vail for their children to do, these all seem like things the town could use (particularly an ice skating rink in the village, given that Dobson’s hours for public use are so varied and sporadic at best). One complaint has been that the new plans do not include hotel rooms. But with the expansion of the Sonnenalp and the construction of the Plaza Hotel, amongst other projects, is this really such a concern? It just seems to me that with all the other redevelopment projects currently taking place as Vail undergoes its massive renewal/face-lift, this one would be pretty high on my list of priorities (so long as there’s a home for Eagle Valley Music in the new complex.) So, council members or anyone else out there with an opinion, I await your replies. Jason Katzman Vail, Colorado

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