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Letters to the editor

Joe McGrath

My name is Joe McGrath. My son is the victim your June 15 Gypsum cerebral palsy patient article talks about. I hope you will print this so I can apologize and thank the jurors who took the time to hear this case. I would like to start by thanking all the jurors who were involved in this very difficult case. The first jury spent four days of their life dealing with this case only to end in a hung jury. I am very sorry we had to put you through this ordeal, but it was very important to my son and I to try and get help for Mr. Vazquez so this could not happen to any other children. The second jury trial went for two very long days that ended up in a verdict of not guilty. Again, I am very sorry for taking these valuable days of your life, but I do appreciate the work you did with the limited information the prosecuting attorneys were able to give you. I realize this case was very difficult for both juries to deal with because there were many questions that the court could not answer. In talking with some of the jurors from the first case, there were two major questions the jurors wanted answered to help them with their decision.The first problem the jurors had was the lack of an adequate police investigation. Jurors, you could not be told during the trial. but the reason there was virtually no police investigation was because when Mr. Vazquez was first confronted by the town of Eagle Police on the ECO bus, he first said he was sorry and then confessed to the crime (see town of Eagle Police Case Report 01-2805). Because of this confession, the police didn’t waste their time with a (more thorough investigation).The second question the court could not answer was why did it take almost four years for this case to come to trial? The answer to that question is two-fold. The first delay was because Mr. Vazquez was mentally challenged and had to be examined to see if he was mentally capable to stand trial. Mr. Vazquez was sent to the State Hospital in Colorado Springs for this exhaustive mental evaluation process. This time-consuming procedure ended up in Mr. Vazquez being declared competent to stand trial.The second delay in this trial was because, after the mental evaluation, one of the defense attorneys noticed that their was no mention of Mr. Vazquez being read his rights in the police report at the time of his confession. This problem went all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court. After many months, the Colorado Supreme Court decided that Mr. Vazquez should have been read his rights, so the confession could not be used in court. Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion in this case.I would like to apologize to all the jurors for subjecting you to what must have been a very frustrating court process. You all did a great job with the limited information the law allowed and I thank you very much for your time and efforts.Joe McGrath MonstrosityI can’t say anything any better than the letters from Joe Staufer and Dick Hauserman concerning the “Manhattanization” of Vail by way of constructing that monstrosity planned for Crossroads. The town has attracted visitors for decades now, to our quaint and charming village-atmosphere. The bulk and size of the planned buildings are ugly and way too big-citified to attract anyone, no matter what the convenience of a theater and skating rink. We moved downvalley years ago because Vail was getting too citified then. Wow! The new plans are appallingly unattractive and I pray the council will use their heads and their hearts, and stop the juggernaut!Joan FrancisEdwards

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