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Letters to the editor

James Dorsey

I used to write letters to relieve my blood pressure. I gave up on that around the time we all realized we were going to have a rich, white guy from Yale as our next president. But, this morning I was inspired by Rich Carnes, who confused the bedevil out of me (June 21).I don’t have anything for or against Mr. Hurlbert other than his name, which after three beers or if you wear dentures is impossible to pronounce correctly. And I never can remember how to spell it. He is a lawyer, of course. And, a politician, but nevertheless …It was my understanding that ever since California closed its borders by force of arms during the Depression, the Supreme Court has held that constitutionally, no state may effect any regulation concerning the immigration or emigration of the people within its borders. Specifically “people” as in “all people,” not just citizens.So when Mr. Hurlbert says being in the U.S. illegally isn’t against Colorado law (clearly referring to state law), he is correct not only about Colorado but all states. And yes, Mr. Carnes, I think you have misread the Constitution! I don’t recall Mr. Hurlbert ever saying it was illegal to enforce federal law, just that it was federal law, not state. And maybe it’s a little closer to the medical marijuana contradiction than it is to “harboring terrorists.” Frankly, it kind of looks like you went out of your way to shape the semantics to suit your argument?Seems to me Mr. H. took a couple cheap shots here.I don’t get the thing about the Hispanics and lawbreaking. In every society, however defined, it is the poor who are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of crime. Here in Happy Valley more of the poor are Hispanic. Seems to me it is about poverty. Crime stats show that to be true and consistent across all time and geography. Why do we immediately leap to race as the issue or illegal status? I got a really queasy bigoted feeling when I read that part. Maybe its just zeitgeist. Must be. I have, I confess, broken laws, mostly small laws, especially in countries with different legal systems or cultures or just different travel and traffic laws. Occasionally, I was remonstrated with, sometimes corrected, most often helped and explained to. Of course, I was white, American, big and usually had somebody’s money in my pocket. Ignorance of the law is no excuse under the law, but it is a lot easier to follow the law when you know what it is. What’s wrong with a little education if it saves us tax money? You know what it costs to keeps someone in jail for a year?You know, most of the Mexicans I’ve met work like the dickens. What welfare is available is usually aid to dependent children. I trust I will die where I stand before I will object to a hungry child being fed regardless of his/her race or immigration status. Even if it means feeding their mother and father, too. And zeitgeist be damned, anyone who advocates the opposite is an insidious bigot, unlike virtuous me. And of course, no humane individual would do so, intentionally. Especially if it were merely for entertainment. On the other hand, sometimes people don’t think about what they are really advocating. It just feels so good to shout. James DorseyAvonGreat jobI want to say kudos to Adam Lueck of Altitude Racing Management for organizing the 5K race and 1K kids fun run this past Saturday. The race was to raise funds for the Eagle River Preserve. The event was a great time and a wonderful opportunity to see the magnificent space that I hope will be preserved for all time. Not all of us can write a big check, but we each can do something to get one step closer to saving this vital piece of land on our valley’s floor. Thank you Adam for showing us the power of one!Jane Brady Edwards Project GraduationThe Eagle Valley High School Class of 2005 Project Graduation celebration was a huge success, and we would like to thank many organizations and individuals for helping to make this event happen. The seniors (now graduates!) were taken on a surprise excursion to Denver on Wednesday, May 18, following their graduation practice. They boarded vehicles provided at no cost by ECO Transit and left town in style, escorted by the Eagle Fire Department, the Gypsum Fire Department, and the Western Eagle County Ambulance District. Students and chaperons were treated to a day and evening of friendship and fun at Elitch Gardens and Boondock’s. A huge thank you to Eagle County Courts, Eagle Valley Glass, Stockmans Land Exchange, R&R Heating, Joan and Tom Harned, Corky’s, East West Partners, Heartwood Custom Woodworks, George Shaeffer, Collet Enterprises, Holy Cross Electric Company, Drug Free Eagle Valley, Wells Fargo, the Gallegos Company, Apline Bank, 1st Bank, Arrow Insurance, West Star Bank, Vail Resorts, Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce, Swallow Oil, Western Eagle Valley Rotary, Wal-Mart, Parrish Insurance, Bonjour Bakery, Burger King, Columbine Market, Kinetico, City Market, ECO Transit, Zack’s Deli, Eagle Fire Department, Gypsum Fire Department, Western Eagle County Ambulance, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and Ted Eicholz, and the Eagle Diner. Without your generous support, we would not have been able to provide this wonderful experience for our kids. The EVHS Class of 2005 Project Graduation Committee Policy reversalThere is much sorrow over our country’s policy reversal on Israel. I pray it won’t fall on deaf ears. Each day brings news of further US punishment of its only reliable ally in the Middle East. Secretary Rice recently stated that any land Israel decides to retain beyond the pre-1967 lines will now be conditioned on Arab approval. This hurts any need for negotiations. President Bush is telling the world that the Arabs can have whatever they want. With encouragement like that, does he really believe that their territorial ambitions will be limited to Jewish land? The War on Terrorism acknowledges that our adversary has global ambitions. Israel’s terrorist enemy is the same enemy that threatens the entire civilized world. Though I fear the answer, I must ask if the resolve to fight this enemy has been shaken. The Arabs have made no secret of their desire to push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. Yet the president is now declaring that Israel’s final border should be determined by Arab desire. The president demands the release of more terrorists even while Israel remains under constant attack. Is he ignoring the recent attempt on an Israeli hospital? Surely one must realize that scorning Israel only encourages more terrorism against her. The Arabs realize Israel has fallen from the president’s favor. They interpret Israel’s reduced status as a green light to kill more Jews. Any reason to value Jewish lives so cheaply? Does the president believe in some short-term gain by trading away Israel’s rights to her land in favor of approval of/by Arab terrorists? History teaches us that appeasement never works. His policies will lead to the destruction of the state of Israel. Evidently the State Department is really not too concerned about Israel’s survival. But the president should understand that Israel’s disappearance will only unleash greater Arab/Muslim terror and aggression against the U.S. Arthur Kittay Eagle The bestThe Pro-Active Red Cliff Citizens held a benefit dinner last Friday that was outstanding! For those who missed it you missed out on some of the best home-made Mexican-Southwest food anywhere. The food was enjoyed in an atmosphere that was perfect for enjoying your neighbors, friends and family. In fact there were people from all over the valley there.Way to go on bringing the community together! I’m already looking forward to the next time.Ramon MontoyaRed CliffVail, Colorado

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