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Letters to the editor


Avon Councilman Pete Buckley says that the cost of the “free” bus that takes skiers and boarders from the lodging properties in Avon “should be built into the lodging bill.”

Maybe Councilman Buckley should put himself in the position of a paying guest and check into one of the lodging properties in Avon and find out that short-term lodging guests are already paying a 12.4 percent tax, one of the highest in the region.

What do the guests receive for this tax? Not the biggest and probably most expensive fireworks show in the state. Not a town of Avon resident discounted rate at the rec center.

No, with the additional fees being proposed for the buses, they are going to be asked to pay twice for the same service that is paid for by lodging taxes to encourage people to leave their cars home and take the buses in Vail, Aspen, Steamboat, Breckenridge, Sun Valley, etc. – all direct competitors of the town of Avon for winter vacationers.

Mike Beltracchi

Wrong answer

In the Vail Daily on Monday, there was a “CSAP Practice – Question of the Week” published on page A15. What seemed like a good idea suddenly caught my attention with the question for the seventh-grade science class students: “Circle one of the renewable resources in the list and describe one negative impact on the use of this renewable resource.” It listed biomass, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal and solar. At first I was amazed that there would even be a question such as this, relating negative to renewable. Then I looked at the given answers.

What self-serving, narrow-minded teacher put this in the paper? At a time when we should be looking for alternate way to provide power, should we not be encouraging our young students look for ways to make each one of these alternate power sources work? Worst of all, my hard-earned tax dollars are going to pay the salary of the individual who wrote this so called “test.”

I still could not believe the answer given for the geothermal energy, that it “smells bad, and thermal pollution.” I’m sorry, but the geothermal energy I have studied is completely underground, using the earth’s natural temperatures, by the transfer of heat-cold via hydronic piping, never being seem by anyone other than worms in the soil. No smell, nothing escaping into the atmosphere. The only pollution being the energy to run a small circulation pump, which maybe pulls as much as a typical refrigerator, which could easily be powered by solar energy.

Explain that one to me, “Teach”! If people wonder why we cannot find solutions to our global problems, maybe we should look at “what” and “how” these teachers are supposedly educating our young students.

The negative part should be replaced with a positive outlook, or how do we make these renewable resources work for our community? They, the so-called “educators,” need to be aware that their job is not to impose their own personal beliefs on impressionable minds.

On the bright side, hopefully, most seventh-graders are smart enough to see beyond this teacher’s load of BS.

Are these the same teachers expecting raises? I hope not.

David P. Gossett

Liberal dupes

A recent letter denying liberal media bias is typical of the redneck Democrat response: obfuscate the problem rather than solve it (or show good intention), then continue on with your deceptive means and hidden agenda.

From Chris Matthews (MSNBC) to Tim Russert (NBC), most have actually worked for Democrat officials prior to their hiring by the major networks.

And let’s not forget Ted Turner, CNN founder, whose extreme and sometimes intolerant left-wing views are a matter of record.

I can conclude only that the letter writer is being dishonest or is not smart enough to realize that he is a political dupe.

Either way, he personifies present-day liberalism, especially regarding the mainstream media.

Rich Olson


Love and support

The Arellano family would like to extend their gratitude and appreciation for the love and support we received during the loss of our loved one.

Words cannot express the appreciation for your presence at the viewing and the Memorial service, the flowers, cards, food and money we received.

We were blessed to live in this community for so many years. We were like extended family and we share in our sorrows and joys. Thanks for being a part of our lives.

Salomon F. Arellano family

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