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Letters to the editor

Robert Vogl

Our president got us into the war in Iraq based on lies, and manipulated information. He sent our troops in ill prepared, ill equipped, and without a plan. Two years and 1,700 deaths of brave U.S. soldiers later, he has created a hotbed of terrorist activity where none existed before. He has no plan, but plenty of rhetoric. It’s time to just say no to his dangerous and destructive policies. It’s time for all of us to hold our president accountable for his actions and demand a change!Robert VoglVailThe ConfluenceI am writing in relation to your article “Hotel, condos and shops envisioned along riverfront” in Vail Daily June 28 about the proposed changes to the planned unit development for the Confluence site in Avon. I am manager and president of Beaver Benchmark LLC, which is the owner of Benchmark Shopping Center in Avon. We are very excited about the Confluence development and at this stage (based on what we have seen so far) we support the application to change the existing planned unit development in principle for the following reasons:– It will assist to transform Avon into its true calling – a resort town.– A gondola connection from Avon to Beaver Creek has positive benefits for visitors, the town of Avon and all our businesses.– Public access to the Eagle River.– Provides the catalyst for the renaissance and redevelopment of the town of Avon.We feel that the most important point for the town to make in its processing of the developer’s application is FREE PUBLIC ACCESS to the gondola and Eagle River.These should be a pre-condition of any approval for the proposed change to the PUD and entrenched in the town’s laws and codes. I believe that all of us Avon residents and businesspeople look forward to seeing more detail in relation to the proposed architectural character, access to the gondola, parking and other pertinent issues. Overall, we are very enthusiastic about East West making such a large investment into our town of Avon that will no doubt be a benefit to us all.Anthony CassarSummer homeFor the past 16 years, the staff and 70 young performers of the Colorado Children’s Chorale have been proud to call the Vail Valley our summer home. Thanks to generous support from the Vail Valley Foundation and Rob LeVine at the Antler’s in Lionshead, we recently spent a glorious week in residence at the Ford Amphitheatre Vilar Pavilion. We were joined by over 40 local children who participated in a free performance workshop culminating in a joint performance Saturday, June 11, at the amphitheatre, and we rocked the house!As we return each year, we are astounded by the generosity and graciousness of everyone in the community: the staff at the Antler’s; the Vail Valley Foundation staff at the amphitheatre; the bus drivers who don’t drive away as they see us running to the bus stop, who wait patiently so that we may cross the road safely, and who smile cheerfully as we pile onto their bus; the many merchants (City Market, Manor Vail Resort, Safeway, The Sonnenalp, Vail Marriott Mountain Resort, The Red Lion Inn, Wendy’s, Domino’s Pizza) who welcome us in their establishments and/or help provide food for us throughout the week. And a very special thank you goes out to the many Vail area host families who opened their homes and hearts to the young members of our troupe. There are Children’s Chorale alumni all over the world who still talk about their favorite “home stay” in Vail, and this year’s members are no exception. It is with much pride and heartfelt appreciation that we continue our association with the Vail Valley Foundation and your entire community. Debbie DeSantisArtistic DirectorColorado Children’s Chorale Cross about crossThe joy and patriotism of the Fourth of July Parade in Vail was dampened by the sight of a large cross being carried in the parade. There is no more American holiday than the 4th and this means for all Americans. Trying to hijack patriotism and the birthday of our country in the name of one religious group smacks of the current events at the Air Force Acadamy. It is a pity to see such insensitivity seeping over the divide from El Paso County.Jon AinVailVail, Colorado

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