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Letters to the editor

Paul Rondeau

The Vail Town Council has now directed the staff to move along in preparing a comprehensive annual report. This is partly in response to requests from citizens for more transparency in local government. Examples from other communities and input from interested stakeholders will be considered in structuring the contents of the report. Work on the project will start in the fall and folks potentially interested in joining in this effort might want to contact Suzanne Silverthorne, director Of community Information, at 479-2115. Paul RondeauVailEaton comparisonOver the last week there have been a couple of comments comparing the Eaton Ranch property and its (hopefully!) preservation as open space and the Confluence site which is to be developed with a hotel among other residential properties. The point that seems to be missing from each of these comments, including Steve Pope’s editorial, is the price difference in the purchase of the properties. Eaton Ranch is going for $166,000 per acre, an amount the Vail Daily has spent considerable time questioning the value. In comparison, the Confluence site went for over $550,000 per acre. So, which should be protected? Steve, if $166,000 is too expensive for you to commit for open space, than why would you spend any time at all comparing it to land that costs nearly four times that amount? If the Eaton parcel had been developed, it would have brought more businesses and more traffic. Additional businesses would have required more staff and resources, which would require more housing and more cars. So even if there had been some component of “affordable” housing in the development, the new jobs created would have required that housing. In essence, there would be no gain, only more loss of quality of life. And finally, thank you to our county commissioners for their wisdom to spend the $6 million for the future of our community. When I think of what ridiculous other projects our elected officials have spent far more money on, I’m thankful that they could see clear to putting our money to work for our future to buy something that if not purchased today will not be here a year from now – and if here – will be far less affordable.Elizabeth KlausWe did voteHey Steve Pope, you say you will shut up if the voters decide on the spending of money on the Eagle River Preserve. At what dollar amount of expenditure at the county level would you suggest we always hold a countywide election? Would a $1,000,000 expenditure on a mosquito breeder pond in Edwards warrant a countywide vote? If you don’t get the answer you want on any expenditure, do we keep holding elections until you get the answer you want? I don’t think even Tom Stone would agree with you on that approach to governing.You wonder why the commissioners haven’t weighed in on the Avon project? Last I understood, Avon was an incorporated town and its citizens will decide their development issues, not the county commissioners. Oh, you did know that Edwards isn’t a town, didn’t you?Well, you, Tom Stone and his Republican Party lost last year to the will of the people of Eagle County. The commissioners were elected to be our representatives. The current county commissioners have decided on behalf of all the citizens of Eagle County, even us hard-working “common” folk, to spend the money on open space. So shut up.Kirk AkerEdwardsVail, Colorado

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