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Letters to the editor


On behalf of Rudy Olin and Thomas Carlin, we would both like to thank the people who helped to make our wonderful trip to the Scout World Jamboree in Thailand possible.

A special thanks to the Youth Conservation Corps, the Minturn rummage sale, the Eagle Valley Rotary Club, the Gallegos Corporation, Alpine Bank in Eagle, and private donations from former Scouts and friends of Scouting.

Going to the Jamboree has made us better people and helped us gain a greater perspective of the world community. We learned that the people of the world really can put aside our differences and work together to make a wonderful Jamboree experience. We were both amazed at how liked the Americans were, even by some of the people that we hear dislike us. We traded with Scouts from Iraq and had a party with a troop from South Korea.

We were also surprised at how, even though we saw a lot of diversity in cultures, the people of Earth still have a great amount in common with one another.

Again, our deepest thanks to those mentioned who have helped us have the experience of a lifetime.

Rudy Olin

Thomas Carlin


Above and beyond

During the week of Jan. 13-18, I made a trip to Vail to take care of my son, Ryan, who was seriously injured in a skiing accident during Christmas week. I was able to get a week off from work and found very fast, efficient booking and accommodations at the Park Meadows Lodge. The management team lead by Bridgett and her husband were flexible and most understanding about my son’s predicament.

On Wednesday, Jan. 15, my son went to his doctor in Vail to get his neck brace off, after which he was thankfully pronounced OK and released to return to light duty work.

While I was walking to the doctor, I slipped on some hidden ice under freshly fallen snow. My left foot went out in front of me, my right foot curled underneath my gluteus maximus, and I wound up sitting on a crooked foot, resulting in a fractured ankle and torn ligaments! (After living the good healthy life in beautiful Colorado for 30 years, my wife and I moved to Florida five years ago and I hadn’t been in snow since then!)

At Vail Valley Medical Center’s ER, I was put into a big ol’ boot and told not to walk on the foot until I saw my orthopedic surgeon when I returned to Florida.

There I was, stuck in Vail until my return flight on Sunday with a rental car and unable to drive back to DIA to catch my flight. Now it was my son’s turn to take care of Dad, after 24 years! As his wisdom again shone through, he said: “Dad, it’s supposed to be: “Like father like son; not like son like father.'”

I arranged for an earlier red-eye flight to Florida on Friday, but I had no way to drive the rental car and my belongings back to Denver. My son offered to drive, but I didn’t want him to take off from work, since he just returned to work on the mountain after several weeks off.

Suddenly, Park Meadows Lodge came through. The manager, Bridgett, offered to drive me to Denver to catch my flight. It was her day off and I didn’t want to ruin her time with her family, but they all gave their blessings and repeated – no, insisted on – the offer. That was going above and beyond the call of responsibility, guest relations and customer care.

I would like to send my sincere thank yous to the management team led by Bridgett and her husband for their superior help and service.

Cliff Taylor

Cape Coral, Fla.

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