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Letters to the editor

George Middlemas

Chris Freud, Nixon would NOT have served out his term if Felt had been outed. That is the real irony here. Felt had an ax to grind and did it behind the scenes. You are too young to have been alive then, and therefore, do not understand the political context. As for Karl Rove, Ms.Plame was NOT undercover and her job was not classified. Let us wait until we learn Ms. Miller’s source, which I believe will be of greater interest.George Middlemas Some answersDear Mr. Quinn, During the past several weeks you have repeatedly requested that I, plus several others, provide answers to your thoughtful questions regarding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Well, this letter is my personal effort to supply you with the desired knowledge. Oh yes, I also hope to rid myself of the stigma of being just a “griper.”First, you asked how we would ensure that those three programs avoid bankruptcy. Pretty simple! Comply with the thinking of some of our wealthy citizens. Don’t raise taxes and let the chips fall where they may!Second, you ask, “What about coverage for immigrants?” I assume that you meant illegal immigrants. If so, they should continue to receive full benefits because they successfully crossed the border and are probably being paid less than reasonable wages, which helps to keep inflation under control.Third, you asked about cosmetic surgery. The answer is yes, but for women only. And that is assuming that their husbands, or loved ones, openly testify that their relationship has been enhanced and is now likely to endure until death do they part. Fourth, regarding Theresa Schiavo: She should be provided with a magnificent casket – or urn – because she rallied so many thoughtful Republicans (like the Bushes and Dr. Frist) to some unidentifiable (nutsy) cause.Fifth, I would banish to some foreign land any woman who became pregnant and couldn’t afford health care. I mean, Medicare is out of the question and a mandatory abortion would not be politically acceptable.Sixth, I will lump smokers, drug users and heavy drinkers into one category. The answer is yes, they should receive full coverage because their habits are good for business.Seventh, I think that Medicare or Medicaid should provide treadmills for those who don’t exercise, scales for those who eat junk food, and helmets that resemble baseball caps for recalcitrant bikers. In an effort to be brief, I will stop here. You did have some other questions that I will respond to at some later date – but only if you insist. David Le VineHis warWhat can we make of it? Why do some smokers empty their cigarette butts from their car in parking lots? Why don’t drivers just give a simple turn signal in the roundabouts to let you know they are going this way or that way? Why do some hikers with dogs do not care to pick up the dogs excrement whilst enjoying our beautiful trails, or in parks where children play? Why do drivers in V-6 and V-8 behemoth trucks and SUVs scream up and down I-70, with the air conditioning on, causing the terrible demand for oil that is screwing up our environment and causing the price of fuel to skyrocket? Recently, while I was getting gas in Frisco, the previous patron left the receipt that showed they spent $75. Is it that some people have too much money, or they just don’t care? Well we just have to deal with those bothersome things as best as we can. But a really big problem, which is not so easily dismissed, is how can people still support Bush and his cronies, Rove, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Rice with their sad agenda with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq? “Stay the course!” It is not that but it should be to find a better course, a realignment of strategy. Something should be formulated to get us out of this quagmire. Don Rogers recently related that not too many deaths have occurred in Iraq as compared to Vietnam (a stupid and terrible war) and World War II. Well, come on, those wars were quite different from Iraq! On that hypotheses we could say the 3,000 9/11 deaths pale compared to the more than 40,000 automobile deaths every year combined with cancer, heart attacks and natural disasters (300,000 in the Indonesian tsunami). And then again we have our own crazies – McVey, Koresh and Jones – who also have killed innocent people. Can we look to more of these events in the future? Iraq is Mr. Bush’s war, which he was going to do come hell or high water. He doesn’t mention how many innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed (20,000 or more) and how many military service personnel have been killed (1,700) and maimed (thousands more) who now have to live difficult and painful lives. Bush talks with a forked tongue about lives given, sacrificed really, for his war. Early on, it was interesting to watch Colin Powell express the administration’s “real” concerns about WMD before the war to the U.N., but I did not think Powell was so convinced himself by his haltering presentation. At that time I was at loggerheads with a friend who wrote about the stupidity of Bush’s claims to the Daily, and I wanted more proof from my friend that there were NO WMD and why he was so much against the war. Well, we all know how it turned out, there were NO WMD, and Bush knew that because he wanted to twist intelligence so that he could invade Iraq. However Bush then changed the rhetoric that we stopped a dictator and despot. And finally the rhetoric became the new democracy that all Iraqis want. If Bush had not started this war, can anyone say how many Iraqis would be dead from Hussein’s hand? Hussein was not a threat to America! Does anyone out there understand that Bush has changed everything again to the idea that we are fighting terrorists, but where? On their ground? They are worldwide. He, and Blair, are the cause of more terrorism. Let us build more bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, let us occupy these countries with our military, let us democratize them, let us infuriate the Islamic jihad. That’s what we are doing, so we should stay the course and have more “heroes,” more body bags and a bigger police state. The terrorists will bankrupt us, billions for the war, billions for “homeland security,” billions for arms! Spend, spend, spend! Not a word from Bush about asking for billions to help the poor of the world and the poor of our country. Not a word from Bush about conservation, and especially about the terrible mistake he made in Iraq. When will we wake up? Fletcher MacNeillVail Keep it goingWe would like to express our appreciation to everyone who was involved in the design, funding and implementation of the new streetscape, waterfalls, and water fountain on Wall Street (in Vail). The improvements are beautiful and fit perfectly with the atmosphere of our town. We know that to accomplish a project of this magnitude there had to be many people applying their time and talent working as a team to make it happen. We’d like each of you to know how much we appreciate your work. It will bring joy to locals and visitors, children and adults.We hope we will see more of this type of integrated design combining natural stone, water activity and plantings with the streets that are currently under construction or in the design stage. Barbara Jean and Paul KuzniarA dividerThe recent retirement of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor provided President Bush with an ideal opportunity to fulfill, at long last, his campaign promise to be “a uniter, not a divider.” By nominating John Roberts to the highest court in the nation, President Bush demonstrated once again that he places partisan politics and personal ideology over mainstream values. For example, although 65 percent of the public wants Roe upheld, Roberts wrote that it was “wrongly decided and should be overruled.” John Roberts has a clear record of seeking to impose a political agenda on the country. Roberts even defended the violent clinic protesters at Operation Rescue who have used tactics like bombs and threats of murder to try to impose their agenda on the country. I don’t think someone who would defend that belongs on the Supreme Court. On behalf of myself and pro-choice Americans like me, I am urging the U.S. Senate to ask Judge Roberts tough questions about his judicial philosophy. I expect they will settle for nothing short of honest, truthful responses from Judge Roberts on such issues reproductive rights and personal privacy. The decisions a Justice Roberts would write will effect everyday Americans for generations to come. We are counting on senators to stand up for us and not merely rubber stamp President Bush’s divisive nominee.Lisa BonviciniAvonVail, Colorado

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