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Letters to the editor

The Town of Vail Planning Commission has voted unanimously to approve the Crossroads redevelopment plan ” while four members of the Vail town council have once again dismissed the plan with a vague “We’re not there yet.”

Their blatant disregard for the planning commissioners’ expertise and unanimous approval is deeply disturbing. These four town council members have moved beyond the bounds of logic and reasonable compromise and into the realm of dictatorship. I will remember this in future town council elections.

John Reimers


On August 7, there was a motorcycle accident on I-70 just outside of Eagle. Traffic was stopped and a few people tended to the injured man, including a policewoman who appeared from somewhere in the line of traffic behind the accident. This officer aided the man and then quickly got traffic moving in the right lane. Very shortly after, more deputies arrived, as did an ambulance.

This comment is merely to commend these people for how smoothly and rapidly the situation was dealt with. It just goes to show that despite all the griping that people may ever put forth about the police force or the emergency services, they are still doing their job as best they can, and it turns out that they’re doing it well.

Janna Brownlee


The recent Vail International Dance Festival was an educational medley of exceptional dance forms. i was most impressed by the variety of programs offered. Thank you for not sticking to the reptitive traditional dance forms that we are so often subject to. The mixed repertoire of ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, comedy and even hip-hop was much appreciated by the community and especially the local dance students in the valley.

As a dance educator and teacher here in Vail, I’m grateful for finallly exposing the community to cutting edge, contemporary works of dance. The youth of this valley are your future sponsors. Thank you for incorporating interesting subject matter that spiked their interest and enthusiasm.

I look forward to promoting your festival to all my students in 2006.

Colin Meiring

With respect to Richard Carnes comments on the burgeoning debate concerning science and religion in our schools/world, I would like to focus on the objectivity of the article, given the obvious bias held by the writer.

The general thrust of Mr. Carnes’ diatribe against both religion as a whole, and conclusions drawn concerning spiritualism and its place in the world suggests that we evolved, matured, discovered, loved and died as part of a random series of benign cosmic coincidences. The analogy closest to mind is the Tag Heuer watch, disassembled, and thrown into a tumble dryer, and after eons of time, to emerge as a perfect timepiece.

I don’t speak for Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, New Age Crystalism and I don’t hang out at airports in flowing robes handing out materials. I have, however, read the Bible, studied it vociferously with 30 others for four years, every Friday morning at the Vail Bible Church, read support books and articles about the history of Christianity(good and bad) ” enough perhaps to be objective in defense of my faith ” not my opinion.

As a journalist, my impression is that your “relative” objectivity should be founded on something other than personal opinion gathered over the years via anecdote, social comment or life experience. I would have to think that to enter the slippery slope of religion and science debate you should at a minimum READ some authoritative information about the topic. In other words, if you had read the Bible, that would make you “somewhat” qualified to speak about it as an informed critic … wouldn’t you agree?

My point, Richard, is not to squash your thesis about religion and science ” this country gives you the right to your opinion. Millions have died in religious wars already, and you have a niche in the Daily inciting responses such as mine based on your opinion vs. my belief of what is true.

My point is that no matter how, or in which school, or when you, or others choose to take a serious look at the Bible and subsequent consequences thereof, the ultimate acceptance letter comes from a higher place, where science sits in silence until asked to speak.

Pat Mitchell


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