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Letters to the editor

A big thank you to the Avon Town council for putting in a wonderful “rural” sidewalk along Old Trail Road in Wildridge. I often walk the neighborhood with my dog and daughter and see many other residents doing the same. The sidewalk is so nice to have a designated space for pedestrians.

Thank you for allocating the money and getting it done so quickly. It will be appreciated for years to come!

Anne Menconi


The 66th Annual Eagle County Fair and Rodeo concluded August 7th to rave reviews. The week-long celebration of our community, our heritage and our citizens has grown to be one of, if not the largest, countywide event. People from throughout the county as well as visitors from all over the country and the world attended in record numbers.

Personally, I would like to thank the members of the Fair and Rodeo Committee for their dedication and hard work in making this event bigger and better every year. A huge thank you goes out to the underappreciated volunteers who work long hours to make sure that all the little details are looked after. To the Freedom Riders for their hard work and dedication to putting on an excellent and crowd pleasing performance every night. To the 4-H participants and their parents who help carry on our ranching tradition and keep the great 4-H tradition alive and well. To the buyers who helped make the Junior Livestock sale the best sale to date. To our sponsors who take as much pride in supporting our fair and rodeo as we do putting it on. To our County Commissioners who support our fair and rodeo and help ensure its continued success. A special thanks to Dick and Valerie Kesler who endured great personal tragedy but managed to stay the course and work tirelessly to make this fair and rodeo the success it was. To Brad Higgins, fair and rodeo manager, whose quiet and efficient hard work makes it all come together.

Rest assured, no one involved with our Fair and Rodeo is resting on our laurels. We are aggresively working on making next year’s Fair and Rodeo bigger and better than this years event. Changes will be taking place next year with the unveiling of our new 45,000-square-foot pavillion. This will enable the fairgrounds to expand westward so we can bring in more carnival rides, more vendors, and more fun. This westward expansion will enable the 4-H program to have a dedicated facility to the raising of livestock and poultry within the existing fairgrounds. I encourage every child and young adult interested in participating in 4-H, but do not have the capabilities of keeping animals on their property, to talk with Glenda and Jenny at the 4-H Extension Office about how they can help you.

We look forward to and appreciate your continued support of our Fair and Rodeo and our Western Heritage at next years Eagle County Fair and Rodeo!

Dudley Irwin


Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Committee

Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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