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Letters to the editor

It was a beautiful morning and setting, but such a sad occasion, the burial of Lance Cpl. Evenor Herrera. As I stood there with my fellow VFW members, I reflected on Vietnam and the many military men I cared for while a nurse there so long ago, yet who remain ever so poignant in my mind. I could only admire the dozen or so Marines participating in Lance Cpl. Herrera’s final military ceremony. They filled all who were present with such pride for their youth, bravery, strength and dignity. One Marine particularly stood out, Lance Cpl. Herrera’s brother. How difficult this must have been for him!The absence of Eagle County commissioners, other elected officials and business leaders was obvious. One might ask, “where were they?” Your reasons for not being there are your own and I have no need to know. However, I am sorry and very disappointed you were not present. You missed this loving family in their moment of deep grief, their eloquent words of pain and love, and their show of gratitude to our community. They were poised, proud, and in such sorrow expressing their tributes to their son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, friend, Chris, as they call him.The press was there and kudos to the Vail Daily for their coverage of Lance Col. Herrera’s death. The Denver news shared video of the burial on TV and Gov. Owens was represented. Let us remember the women and men in uniform who make many sacrifices for us. Political views need not be a factor. It was an honor to be present with Chris’s family and to thank him for his ultimate sacrifice. May he rest in peace and his beloved family be consoled and blessed with our prayers and support.Eileen BradleyColonel, USAFR, retiredHistory countsMr. Bickham, If your remember what you learned in school, and I assume you attended college, history counts. Our pioneers who had the insightfulness to create and shape this town have the history which enables them to have an insightful eye for its future. They are our best guides. This might also be akin to a child listening to a grandparent. I don’t mean to say your recent statements in the Vail Daily were childishly cutting. After all, I don’t know who you are, or how old you are, or how long you have been here, or what you do. I can’t find you in the phone book, the operator can’t find you, and there is no county record of you owning any property. You did list yourself as from Vail in your dissertation, so I assume you are part of the community. If in fact you are a resident, have a little respect for the people who were smart enough to help create a world-class resort out of nothing, and to stay and live here full time for years helping it evolve into what it is today. Don’t criticize our children, either. Jonathan Stauffer is living in Vail doing his part, as I hope your children do or will do some day. Peter Knobel is a very intelligent and creative man. There is no doubt in my mind that he has the ability to take what he has proposed and make is less intrusive and more interesting. Further, I am confident he will find a way to do this that nets him almost as much money that he would make developing what would in the long run be viewed as an intrusive eyesore.Carol CollinsVailNot a clueI think Butch needs a reality check, and then maybe he can adjust his own attitude. … I am a teacher living in the valley, and I am also a waitress. I wait tables not to feed my “Jones,” but to actually feed myself. Sadly, despite the fact that I went to Boston College and then on to grad school, I don’t make enough money as a teacher, so I need a second job. Gee, Butch, I tried to follow my calling and passion, but in the “grand scheme of things” our society doesn’t feel a need to pay teachers enough. I am a server by default, not because it’s my goal in life. …Has Butch ever waited tables? I doubt it. Does he know what it feels like to walk up to a table with a smile on, only to have it immediately wiped off because the diner either won’t get off the phone, or can’t be bothered to answer a simple question such as, “How are you today?” Maybe the reason people in this valley receive bad service is because they deserve bad service. Every day I encounter people who think they are better than me, and that their money buys them the right to treat me like a second-class citizen. My attitude can change depending on the attitude I am receiving. Respect is given when respect is earned. I teach that to my second-grade students. You would think adults would know that by now. …I work my butt off. Part of the reason I moved here was to take advantage of the outdoors, but it hasn’t exactly worked out that way. But I guess, according to Butch, the fact that I am a waitress and that I ski, I must be an unmotivated ski bum. His psycho-babble is so insulting. Honestly, it is nauseating. I think that restaurants should require their servers to wear name tags stating where they went to college. Maybe that would earn us some more respect. Wow, imagine what a difference it would make if someone realized their waitress went to Harvard! I bet things would change quickly. What does that say about who really has an attitude here? How in the world does this guy expect servers to be constantly upbeat when they are regularly beaten down? I invite him to pick up my shifts for the week (most of which are doubles) and see how well he can control his attitude. Butch and his crew seem to think that he has “us” all figured out. The truth is, he hasn’t a clue. He should be ashamed of himself.Alison HainlineHanging in thereYes, there is construction. CONSTRUCTION abounds everywhere, but WE ARE HERE and WE ARE OPEN! As one of my favorite musicians, Jerry Garcia, says in his song “Run For the Roses”: “Oh friend of mine, all good things in all good time.” And yes, Vail is running for the roses – and in all good time, we will all be living among and holding the roses. Just out our door will be The Vail Plaza Hotel & Club, The Four Seasons Resort, One Willow Bridge Road, and the Sonnenalp Resort expansion.With all the construction, it has certainly been a challenge to own and operate a business in Vail. Verbatim Booksellers is no exception. Personally, I think the construction has made us better business people. We needed to explore other ways to pay the rent. For example, last year was our first attempt at having a booth at the Vail Farmers Market. Being such a success we decided to do it again this year. With the 50,000 people it draws every summer, we thought to capitalize on it. This year Putumayo World Music is sponsoring us to be at the market. Come sample some of the world’s finest music that you may not hear anywhere else.Our summer events coordinator, Ryan Taylor, has booked a different author every week for the Farmers Market, and our friends at Plum TV (channel 16) feature the authors on their Sunday morning program every week. Such authors as New York Times best-selling author Pam Houston (“Sight Hound,” “Waltzing the Cat,” and “Cowboys Are My Weakness”) and children’s author Jill Sheeley (“Fraser the Yellow Dog”) have already appeared on Plum TV and at the market. Several local and Colorado authors, such as Vail’s own Suzanne Silverthorn (“Cabin Style”) and world renowned photographer John Ward, are taking part, too. To date, our lecture book-signings (some of which are partnered with the Vail Symposium) that are held off site with people like Newt Gingrich (“Winning the Future,” “Never Call Retreat”), and Peter Heller (“Hell or High Water”) and Jennifer Jordan (“Savage Summit”) have been highly rewarding. But you know, without a highly competent and dedicated staff none of this would happen. We are here to help you enjoy reading, help educate, and just plain provide you with a literary form of entertainment. Soooo, please continue to support us. As Jerry Garcia says, “Been here so long he’s got to be calling it home,” Verbatim Booksellers celebrating over 20 years in the Vail Valley.Robert H. AikensOwner, Verbatim BooksellersVail, Colorado

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