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A serious thought in Vail for today,One that may cause some much dismay.When term limit purposes are voided, By skipping elections then being revoted,Stale-thinking-closed-minds hold progress at bay.Steve ZorichakVailJeers for JenningsRecently longtime ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings passed away, and while many paid tribute to him, I came to see another side of him. He had an honest, believable face many of us learned to love – or hate, depending on your politics. But looks can be deceiving, and I questioned his creditability after two specials he hosted.In November 2003 around the 40th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, Jennings hosted a special designed to debunk to conspiracy theories and prove once and for all that Oswald was the lone gunman. Using recreations and computer graphics he showed how the “magic bullet” that exited Kennedy’s throat could have inflicted all the wounds to Texas Gov. Connally who rode in front.Jennings conveniently failed to mention the statements of the ER physicians at Parkland Hospital who worked on Kennedy in a futile attempt to save his life. Familiar with gunshot wounds, the doctors said that the neck wound was an entrance wound, and not an exit wound. The doctors enlarged the wound to insert a breathing tube. Fifteen years later, when the Kennedy autopsy pictures were released, the neck showed a gaping wound, which the ER doctors viewed. They emphatically said that this was not the condition of the president’s body when it left Parkland Hospital, and staff at Bethesda Naval Hospital who viewed the body when it was first brought in said the same.Of course, this blows the whole “magic bullet” theory apart and indicates that the shot came from the front, i.e., the grassy knoll, which is where the fatal headshot came from. A poll taken around the time of Jennings’ assassination special showed that 75 percent of the responders believe there was a conspiracy in JFK’s death. The American public, it seems, is better informed than Jennings.Just this past February, Jennings hosted another special, “UFOs – Seeing is Believing,” which examined this phenomena. A number of expert UFO witnesses and researchers were interviewed at first and some of the good evidence that UFOs exist was presented. But Jennings made many false and inaccurate statements and quickly brought out the debunkers and “government” scientists who claim there is no real evidence to support the extraterrestrial hypothesis as to the origin of these craft.I had my first “flying saucer” sighting as a boy in the late 1950s and have other convincing sightings over the years. UFOs have become a serious hobby with me, and I have spent thousands of hours researching and reading about UFOs and these other subjects mentioned here. There are thousands of well-documented UFO sighting reports made by military pilots and personnel, commercial pilots, police officers, scientists and professional people. Many involved radar confirmation or close encounters with structured craft.Thousands of pages of government documents on UFOs have been released through the Freedom of Information Act that indicates that UFOs are serious business for our military and intelligence services. One CIA document stated that there were National Security risks in allowing the American public to learn about UFOs, and another tells of a plan to use the media to “debunk” UFOs. The National Security Agency holds 239 documents on UFOs they refuse to release under the FOIA despite the official Government position that UFOs pose no threat to National Security.This policy was suggested by the 1953 Robertson panel of five scientists who were hand-picked by the CIA to review UFO reports. Mind you, they did not interview anyone who had actually seen a UFO. Needless to say, the panel concluded that the continued reporting of UFOs in the press could cause mass hysteria and panic, and “a harmful distrust of duly constituted authority.” They decided to lie to us so we wouldn’t mistrust them.One proof of continued “government” censorship of the press is the 1999 COMETA report that was the result of a four-year study of UFOs by high-level officials in the French military and scientific community. France has officially maintained a UFO investigative group for many years as part of their space agency. The COMETA group reviewed over 300 UFO reports and, unlike the CIA’s Robertson panel, interviewed witnesses who had seen UFOs. Their report concluded that the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs could no longer be denied or ignored. At the time of its release the COMETA report was not mentioned in even one American newspaper or program, but you can find it online.Jennings could have done his homework and his UFO special could have focused on all the solid evidence gathered over the years but that was not his purpose. He was following official policy to debunk UFOs and conspiracy theories and reading from a script. He certainly has no creditability as an investigative journalist on these two subjects.It is known that Jennings has attended at least one meeting of an international secret society believed to be the Illuminati. You can learn about the Illuminati online, but there is historic evidence that they exist. The Illuminati work within other groups like Skull & Bones, the Free Masons, the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission, and the powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in our country.The CFR includes many people in the media who, like Jennings, we have learned to trust. But now I question what I read and hear, and do my own research. Recently I found that Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded JFK after his murder, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, and three of the seven members of the Warren Commission were Free Masons. A fourth was a member of Skull & Bones, and another a former director of the CFR. A sixth I suspect was Illuminati, and to me this spells c-o-n-s-p-i-r-a-c-y. Jennings could have gone on-line and learned this himself if he had the inclination to really investigate what he was telling us. Peter Jennings and others of his profession are just newsreaders who tell us what their Illuminati masters want us to know and hope we believe them. I don’t anymore.Bob FiskeVailVail, Colorado

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