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Letters to the Editor

William Pintzow

“Historian” Hopkins letter about the Middle East doesn’t confuse the situation with trivial details like the truth and the facts.

His statistics about land ownership in Israel 60 years ago make as much sense as doing a study of the percent of land owned or controlled by the American Indians versus the white settlers 150 years ago.

His statement that the Palestinians lived there from time immemorial is untrue, and ignores the fact that the Jews have had a presence in Jerusalem for over 2,500 years.

There are two main reasons that there is a Palestinian problem and both are ignored and omitted by, so called, Historian Hopkins.

The first is that Israel was invaded by the armies of five despotic Arab countries one day after declaring its independence. During this war many Palestinians fled, many at the urging of their Arab leaders so that they wouldn’t get in the way of the invading armies and then they could come back to claim the “spoils of their victory.”

The pathetic irony is that if the Arabs had not invaded, and agreed to the U.N. partition plan like Israel did, they would have been living on the West Bank land all these past 57 years. You pay your price when you invade a country and lose.

Second, there is the failure of the Arab countries to have assimilated these refugees. They did this purposefully and maliciously to brew a vicious wave of hatred while they were in crowded, stinking camps.

The Arabs were very successful in this endeavor. To compare size, the Arab countries are the football field and Israel is a matchbox.

With this in mind, Israel assimilated millions of refugees and built a modern, vibrant democracy, while the Arabs, with all their size and wealth, did nothing to help their brethren.

Hopkins mentions that Israel is at loggerheads with the U.N. Well, considering that the U.N. General Assembly consists of a majority of non-democratic and anti-Western countries, that doesn’t seem hard to understand.

Lastly, I would like to know more about this “international team” that Hopkins worked for, and who funds it.

Mr. Hopkins, we don’t need your distorted history lesson!

William Pintzow


Such ravings

After reading the sophomoric, disconnected rants of your city editor, Matt Zalaznick, in the Aug. 31 edition of your paper, I was both bemused and saddened.

I was bemused (and admittedly, slightly bored) at the usual hackneyed drivel typically reserved for the truly bitter, hate-inspired, conspiracy-believing leftists.

We have all heard the simplistic misrepresentations about our callous, greedy, uncaring president who blithely sends young Americans off to a pointless war solely to satiate his need for power, the ever-evil Halliburton cabal, the supposedly pathetic economy, the poor U.S. consumer being gouged at the pump by Texas oilmen (all Bush cronies to a man we are assured.)

If Mr. Zalaznick cannot come up with more original thinking this bad enough, but to revert to such vitriol and foul language in his piece puts him in a class with a third-rate high school “journalist”.

I was saddened to realize that the Vail Daily cannot find a better qualified journalist (especially one who is apparently deserving of the title “city editor”) with a more intelligent, thoughtful approach to the events of our times. While another one of your readers in a letter to the editor that very day referred to Mr. Zalaznick as an “insolent punk” for his prior insightful perspectives, I think that may be too simple an analysis.

This valley needs a newspaper which attracts men and women of considerable intellect, training and civility who can carry on a thoughtful discourse about the issues of concern and interest.

Irrespective of which side of the political spectrum such a person comes from, your writers should be informative and thought provoking, focus on the truth, show respect for other perspectives, avoid impugning the motives of our country’s elected leaders and be the proponent of reasoned dialogue. Spewing personal biases in a vindictive manner is not serious journalism, merely irresponsible ravings of an angry soul who serves no purpose in this community and certainly no service to your newspaper.

Randall W. Byrnes


3 seconds, you’re dead

On Thursday, Sept. 1, the day you nearly lost your life! What were you thinking? Remember? It was 9 a.m. and you had just passed the West Vail exit heading west. Yes, you, the guy that drives that green P.T. Cruiser with the Colorado plate and resides in Edwards. Did you ever think of the ramifications that a 1-ton dually going 68 mph could incur while literally driving over the top of a P.T. Cruiser? I guess 68 was not fast enough for you, but why pass me on the right, then dart in front of me and slam on your brakes 15 feet in front of me while I was going 68?

Do you have a wife? Or kids? They came very close to losing you. How about a brain? Got one of those? If you want to kill yourself, join the Army and go to Iraq. Perhaps you should test drive a 1 ton and see how fast you can stop it at 70 mph. I get the feeling that life means nothing to you, but you don’t need to involve others in an accident, chances are they have people who love them.

This also might have been the last time you looked over your shoulder while braking and presenting your I.Q. with your finger. I don’t understand why I didn’t go over the top of you. Three more seconds and I would have. Three seconds, that’s how close you were to death.

That shows me that the Lord still loves you and wants to keep you alive and teach you a few things. But then again, maybe he just spared me from the tragic scene of your body smashed among a flattened Cruiser.

I talked with a law enforcement officer about this, he indicated that you live in Edwards. He also stated that you were an idiot. So to others reading all of this, I would encourage you to be on the lookout for this green P.T. Cruiser, or shall I say, its driver. You may know him, or maybe he’s your neighbor there in Edwards.

I am not angry with any of this, only very thankful to be alive today.

But let’s examine this scenario: P.T. vs. 1 ton. Figure it out. This is eighth-grade math, and the answer is death. Finally, to the guy in the Cruiser, I still find myself in awe of the fact that I didn’t roll right over the top of you. Please get some help for that anger problem of yours before you kill someone.

Steve Kovack

Whose course?

The Eagle-Vail neighborhood golf course has recently decided that non-golfers are not allowed on the golf course, even when the golf course is closed. If you find this objectionable, please voice your feelings by writing a letter, calling the golf course director, or attending one of the golf course board meetings (board meetings are the third Thursday of every month).

It is understandable that non-golfers should not be allowed on the golf course during golfing hours as respect to golfers and for obvious safety reasons. But I feel strongly that because the golf course is part of our neighborhood, we should be allowed on the golf course during early morning hours and in the evening when the golf course is closed. I have been running on the golf course in the early morning hours (before 7) for the past four years and have never encountered a problem. People do need to be respectful by picking up after their dogs and staying out of the way of maintenance personnel. We all win by finding solutions that accommodate the majority of the neighborhood.

Again, if you find this recent decision by the golf course board objectionable please let your voice be known. Let us decide who owns this neighborhood, golfers or families.

Tammy Humphries


Vail Colorado

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