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I watched the “undocumented workers” (illegal immigrants) demonstrating Wednesday, Jan. 29, outside the Colorado State Capital. They’re opposing the potential loss of Medicaid to Illegals (“you can’t take our benefits away,” one of them said), as well as the possibility of Colorado not issuing Mexican ID cards (to be used as ID to apply for welfare benefits.)

At this time, our state is looking for ways to cut the budget. Many dollars are spent on financial aid. Who will end up with less? Most likely the elderly, and the families with blind and disabled family members (Medicaid-funded).

We are all immigrants from some time past (unless you are Native American) and our ancestors came with great pride, hopes and dreams. They did not refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance like I observe in classrooms today “because I am not American,” to quote students.

We do not owe immigrants Medicaid, WIC or any other financial aid. In fact, until May 1999, immigrants (legal or illegal) could not apply for or receive any benefits in the U.S.

I believe that if immigrants want to live, and work here, with the understanding that they receive no special school programs or any financial aid, then that is wonderful. I think that they should pay for their children’s education in our schools, just like we would pay for our children’s education if we moved to a foreign country and enrolled them there.

We do not owe their children an education, nor can we (Colorado) afford to fund Medicaid the way we have in the past. I would guess a lot of immigrants would return home if they didn’t receive welfare benefits.

Again, if they want to live here with those restrictions, then that is fine. This country, or at the least Medicaid, will be bankrupt if we do not address this problem. What are the advantages to being an American citizen? From what I can see, none. It isn’t a case of me being prejudiced, bigoted, nor is it a case of a few migrant workers picking strawberries (approximately 4 million illegal immigrants are actually here), and it is ruining this great country of ours, Colorado included.

Marty Lich


Vail needs OLN

My community in Pennsyl-vania kicked a couple of years ago because we couldn’t get the Tour de France on cable. Well, their response was to add OLN to our basic cable after the start of the Tour. Now as a bonus, we get World Cup skiing also.

Why can’t a ski community (especially when one of our own kids, Sarah Schlepper, is part of it) like Vail have the clout to get this channel?

John Wyn

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