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Letters to the editor

John Bade

To the “tens of thousands” who marched on Washington:If you are SO concerned about people, why aren’t you in New Orleans or on the coast of Texas helping all those people who are in need there??Or, is it because that would not fit your agenda?Get a LIFE!!John Bade EagleRevival of spirit”And there we were all in one place,” … the grass-roots people of the valley, in one place, 4 Eagle, under a tent like one huge teepee. The rain tapping gently on the roof top, then drumming fiercely, while wild wings of wind threw the ceiling above us in and out, while thunder pounded, as though the storm knew that Omaku Wamble, Coach Jackson, son of two Pentacostal ministers, Lakota namesake of Swift Eagle, was speaking. Initiating a fledgling Swift Eagle. Speaking of charity, of giving, of responsibility. Everyone there seemed to feel it – a revival of spirit. The elements speaking to the elemental – take care of one another.Swift Eagle Charitable Foundation thanks Phil Jackson and all those who supported our first fundraiser, especially our sponsors: Ginn Clubs and Resorts, Joe’s Liquors, Jack and Sharon Leevers, John Donovan, Weststar Bank, Lisa Dillon and Jay Peterson, Bob Sathe and Friends, Booth Creek Holdings, Howard Head Sports Medicine Centers, Marty and Maggie Abel, David and Jan McNair, Firstbank, Main Street Grill, The Paint Bucket, American National Bank, Colorado Business Bank; service donors: 4-Eagle, Eves Print Shop, NCR Broadcasting, The Vail Daily, Orrison Distributing, Grand Vin, Riverwalk Hotel, Southern Wines, Rick Messmer, Karen Rinehart, THD Productions, Pat Hamilton. Financial donors: Rocky Christopher, Gerald Gallegos, Thrivent Financial, Rich Mahoney, Craig Tuber, Jean Marie Hamilton, Slifer, Smith and Frampton. Silent auction donors: Shirley Wegert, Savory Inn, Balata’s, Avon Rec Center, Choppers Sports Bar, Rocky Mountain Diner, Junipers, Minturn Saloon, Gotthelf’s, P Furniture and Design II, Sonnenalp Spa, Cascade Hotel and Spa, Mountain Man Nut and Fruit, Ptarmigan Sports, City Market, Castle Cafe, Fiesta’s, Trinity Grill, Chris and John Boles, Mike Munsey, L.A. Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Squash Blossom.Swift Eagle Charitable FoundationVote for C and DPlease vote yes on Referendums C and D! Recently members of the early childhood community were privileged to hear a presentation by the Colorado Children’s Campaign about Referendums C and D, and the impact they can have for children and families in Colorado. I would like to share some facts with you and encourage you to vote yes on C and D.FACTSReferendum C will not raise the income tax rate.– Referendum C does not change the refund that taxpayers receive if they overpay their taxes.– Referendum C DOES ask tax payers to give up a tax credit of about $98 per year for the next five years to help the state catch up from years of cuts.– Referendum C will allow Colorado to make important investments in kids: $1 billion for health care to help the one out of seven kids in Colorado who has no health insurance; $1 billion for education to help improve the 60 percent high school graduation rate in Colorado; $1 billion for community colleges and state colleges to make higher education accessible to everyone.Colorado kids are falling behind. We currently rank 44th in the nation for childhood immunization rates. Forty percent of our students do not complete high school. One out of seven kids has no health insurance. While the causes of these problems are certainly complex, the deep budget cuts we have made in kids programs have had a profound impact on the well being of our state’s children. C and D will help us to restore some of these cuts and to make real progress in our kids’ health and education.Do your part! Vote yes on C and D. Encourage your friends and neighbors to vote yes on C and D!Jeanne McQueeneyEagleSubsidiary sinsThe Federal Emergency Management Agency has hired Kenyon International to set up a mobile morgue for handling bodies in Baton Rouge, La., following Hurricane Katrina.Kenyon is a subsidiary of Service Corporation International (SCI), a scandal-ridden Texas-based company operated by a friend of the Bush family. Recently, SCI subsidiaries have been implicated in illegally discarding and desecrating corpses.Louisiana Gov. Katherine Blanco subsequently inked a contract with the firm after talks between FEMA and the firm broke down. Kenyon’s original deal was secured by the Department of Homeland Security.In other words, FEMA and then Blanco outsourced the body count from Hurricane Katrina – which many believe the worst natural disaster in U.S. history – to a firm whose parent company is known for its experience at hiding and dumping bodies.The Menorah Gardens cemetery chain, owned by SCI, desecrated vaults, removed hundreds of bodies from two cemeteries in Florida and dumped the gruesome remains in woods frequented by wild hogs, investigators discovered in 2001. In one case, a backhoe was used to crack open a vault, remove corpses and make room for more dead bodies.SCI paid $100 million to settle a lawsuit filed by outraged family members of the deceased.A secretary at the law firm that sued SCI over the Florida cemetery scandals gasped when informed that FEMA had outsourced handling of Katrina victims’ bodies to an SCI subsidiary. Peter Hartmann, general manager of the Menorah Gardens Cemetery chain, was later found dead in his car from carbon monoxide poisoning outside his parents’ home in an apparent suicide.Tavius Sims Avon Vail, Colorado

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