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Letters to the editor

Jean Tally

As much as I would like to see another woman on the Supreme Court, I can’t help wonder if the nomination of Ms. Miers is the best the president could do. With hundreds, maybe even thousands, of qualified jurists, law school professors in this vast land, appointing someone because of loyalty seems a weak recommendation. Is this a token appointment, the easy way out? Women have come too far in job equity to need this kind of patronizing gesture.Ms. Miers may be a wonderful woman. But please, gender is no better qualification than loyalty. What happened to intellect, experience on the bench, or at least expertise in constitutional law?I heard once that managers surround themselves with underlings like themselves. Enough said. Ms. Miers may be in over her head if she is confirmed.One would hope for excellence instead of mediocrity on the highest court in the land. If she has more to offer than her resume presents, then we need to hear it. Jean TallyEdwardsDiscount seasonThis is in response to the Tipsline about going out to eat at 50 percent discount and getting charged for service. First of all thanks for coming out to eat, I have been in the restaurant business for 12 years now and this is always the hardest time of year waiting for our tourists to come and spend money. I am glad to see a restaurant willing to stick up for their employees and add a gratuity. A lot of people just tip on the total of the bill, not thinking about the discount, and at 50 percent off that’s a lot of money I’m missing out on. I still have rent, electric, kids clothes, gas, kids sports equipment, uniforms, etc., to pay for.I urge you to remember when you are going out for the $9.95 special that entree usually cost $20.95 and I still have to do the same amount of work and service so you can enjoy your dinner at a discounted price. Please don’t discount my service. I will try my best to give you 20 percent worthy service in season and in the off-season. We all look forward to seeing everyone out dinning and having a good time, while the restaurants are slow and romantic. Joe Shankland Avon Glad to see itI am pleased to see that Greg Moffet is again running for the Town Council, if only for a two-year term. I do not see eye to eye with him on all issues (I currently am against the conference center), but I respect his hard work and objectivity. He and his wife, Chris, have contributed greatly to our town since moving here. It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,Bob EssinThanks so much! I would like to thank Ron Hagen and his family for buying the lamb at the 4-H auction. This was a buy-back lamb that was donated to me because i had lost the lamb I bought when a horse kicked her. Thanks also to the 4-H board for setting this up, and to my Aunt Wanda for speaking to the Fair Board for me. Thanks to everyone for helping me with this.Ronald LadenburgerGypsum Vail, Colorado

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