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I was pleased to read about the AP Scholars at Vail Mountain School. However, I was very disappointing that the article overlooked similar stellar accomplishments of the students at our other high schools.

I would like the east end community to know that due to the efforts of an excellent Battle Mountain High School faculty, 12 BMHS students also received AP Scholar Awards earned with grades of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. They include: Bryn Abbott, Greg Douras, Sacha Frey, John Henry, Chris Jackson, Patrick Meehan, Max Sheehan and Shannon Appleby. Four other students earned AP Scholar with Honors: Meghan Guida, Justin Potter, Daniel Acker and Chris Finch, with AP scores of 3 or higher on 4 or more exams with and average of at least 3.25.

As PTA president at BMHS, I often hear people claim that our public school students cannot compete with their private counterparts. Obviously that opinion is not shared by the top tier schools such as MIT and Stanford that just granted acceptance to BMHS senior Dak Steiert and Dartmout, who just sent his classmate Chris Atencio a thick letter as well.

We are proud of our outstanding performers and the additional 140 test takers that were afforded the opportunity to challenge themselves in the highly recognized college curriculum that is offered by the BMHS Advanced Placement faculty.

Jan Abbott

PTA President

Battle Mountain High School

Mail-in still a threat

Please take a minute to contact your state representative, Carl Miller, at (303) 866-2952 and state Sen. Jack Taylor at (303) 866-5292 and ask them to vote FOR House Bill 1258, which is the only chance we have to prohibit mandatory mail ballot elections in all years, and keep our voting choices of traditional elections – early voting, Election Day, and absentee.

Last November voters overwhelmingly defeated Amendment 28, which would nave forced mandatory ballot elections for even year elections and thus greatly increased the potential for voting fraud.

Voters said yes to traditional elections and no to mandatory mail ballots for even year elections.

Sixty-three of 64 counties voted against Amendment 28. Fifty-eight percent of the voters voted against Amendment 28.

There is still a threat. County commissioners and the secretary of state can still force voters to vote by mail ballot in odd-year elections.

House Bill 1258 eliminates this threat. HB-1258 does exactly what Colorado voters have said they want – it prohibits mandatory mail ballot elections, and it keeps traditional elections.

Please contact your legislators right now and say you support HB-1258. (Hearing is Feb 18.) We need to have our elections be as secure and fraud-free as possible! Please do leave your name, and tell your representative that you are an Eagle County voter. Phone the above numbers or fax: (303) 866-2218

Joy Overbeck

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