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Letters to the editor

Tom Mullen

Being an employee and owner of the West Vail Liquor Mart for almost 20 years, I am writing to voice my strong support for a YES vote on No. 1, the conference center ballot issue. There is no question that a new conference center will bring additional business to the Vail retail community. It is my belief, and my store’s performance proves that belief, that retailers benefit by a variety of group business. Be it concerts, soccer tournaments, lacrosse tournaments, large business, religious, medical groups, we all benefit when large groups come to Vail. As of today, Vail does a good job of meeting the recreational-type groups, but our community has been and continues to be sorely lacking in its ability to attract other types of large groups. In fact, there has been plenty of documentation of specific groups that have simply not considered Vail because we do not have adequate meeting space to meet their needs. Simply put, that is lost opportunity.We as a community have come too far to let this pass us by at this time. Vail voters should not let the short-sided and simplistic views of those against this center to dissuade them in supporting the new conference center. A yes vote for the conference center will provide small-business owners in Vail the opportunity to become more viable and will attract new businesses that will make our economy more diverse. A yes vote is good for the employees of small business. A yes vote is for a continued renaissance in Vail. I encourage business owners and their employees to make a strong showing at the polls on Nov. 8 and vote yes for Vail’s future.Tom MullenNot my pointOn Oct. 22, I had a “My View” column published in the Daily characterizing pro and con views regarding the conference center – I believe the only one of its kind published recently. I spent a lot of time writing the column, trying to be concise, even-handed and factual. However, I was perplexed and amused to discover on the front page an out-of-context sentence from the column, making things rather misleading. It took my interpretation of what the proponents have been saying and implied it was my conviction. I would be reacting the same had an opposition view been cited as my belief. The key point in my column was an attempt at providing additional perspective for the undecided voter. I would have preferred using the last sentence from my article on the front page: “Hopefully, the ballot issue (is) not about egos, but about sincere differences of opinion and factual interpretation.” Paul RondeauVailNice workI want to thank Vail Daily for the wonderful article about children art class at Gypsum Middle School. While so many schools across the country have cut out this vital subject, Ms. von Tempske reminds us how important it is to think creatively to maneuver through life. Kudos to your paper for catching this jewel. Obviously our children are also enjoying the process of art in our lives. Stephanie Maxtone-GrahamFor DonovanI’m writing in support of Diana Donovan for another term on the Vail Town Council. Diana has a strong environmental background, and in these times it’s crucial to have elected officials who understand and care about the environment. I’ve worked with Diana on important local issues, including recent attempts to have Cross Creek designated under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. It would be Colorado’s first wilderness wild river. Thanks to her support, we are making progress. Diana’s positive record on such issues goes back decades. She was part of our efforts to stop the Homestake II water diversion project in the 1980s. So, too, was her well-known father, William Bird Mounsey, whose University of the Wilderness was an early supporter of the Holy Cross Wilderness Defense Fund. As a former board member of that organization, I’ve spent many years working on wilderness, water, and recreational issues that are integral to the quality of life in Vail. Diana Donovan is the right choice to represent these quality of life concerns for the town of Vail. Tom Phillips Littleton Ride sharingWhile searching for options on getting to DIA, I have noticed that many cities and communities, such as the Boulder and Colorado Springs areas, have set up Web pages or forums to coordinate ride-sharing opportunities between travelers. I think the Eagle County Web page or the Vail Daily site could be offering an excellent service to us locals by providing a space to post available spots in cars or for those with gas money, but no ride. For those concerned with fuel costs or environmental issues, this would be a great way to conserve and come together as a community. Maggie McGuan Avon No panaceaNeither special interest pressure, nor bureaucratic inefficiency, nor partisan squabbling can be written out of a new charter by merely increasing the number of commissioners. Eliminating partisanship itself is no cure for intra-commission rancor. Comity cannot be imposed; it develops of its own. Instead of consensus building, we are stuck with “the cheapest form of government is a dictatorship.”Cory JacksonEagle-VailVail, Colorado

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