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Letters to the editor

Peter John Stone

Rev. Jack Van Ens’ Oct. 29 column, entitled “Does God publish books besides the Bible?” assumes facts not in evidence. No record exists of God ever having published any books. Even Johannes Gutenberg lacked a contract with God, as have all publishers since. The Bible includes work of various authors writing independently over millennia. Men, not God personally, compiled them into the Holy Bible centuries after Jesus’ mortal life.This compilation includes numerous books which Protestant ministers such as Rev. Van Ens now reject as the Word of God. Even the original publication of the King James Version included these books, collectively called the Apocrypha. With his education Rev. Van Ens, must know this. He therefore only argues hypocritically that scripture can’t be edited. As a Protestant minister, he subscribes to an edited version himself, rejecting much of the Bible as the word of God.Given that the author practices in contradiction of his own basic premise, his column seems merely another malicious attack on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Van Ens’ statement, “Whether God has written sequels to the Bible stands as a great divide between Mormon belief and Christianity,” does not include the phrase “the rest of Christianity.” Mormons believe in God the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. They believe that Jesus was born of a virgin mother, was literally the son of God, atoned for humanity’s sins, died on the cross, was literally resurrected, lives today, and continually manifests himself to whom he chooses – not to whom Rev. Van Ens, or his quoted mentor Bruce M. Metzger choose. Yet Van Ens intends readers to understand that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not Christian because of their belief that God communicates with mankind as God chooses, and as men and women listen, and any records of such encounters may constitute scripture. Given these facts, why would Rev. Van Ens want readers to reject Mormons as Christian merely because they accept a canon of scripture edited differently from his own? Perhaps it’s because the Book of Mormon convincingly proposes that ministers earning money for preaching mocks God. If all Christians, instead of just the Christians we call Mormon, believed this, Rev. Van Ens would be out of a job.Peter John StoneDotseroVail, Colorado

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