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Letters to the editor

Karen Snyder

I totally agree with the thoughts proposed by John Carnie in the Dec. 26 letters to the editor. I went to a Christmas party before the holiday where many of the people of my community were invited. At one point among the festivities, the hostess handed out song sheets, and a friend of hers from her church sat at the piano and played Christmas carols. Everyone at the party joined in the singing of the popular Christmas carols. As were singing “Joy to the World,” I noticed that my dear Jewish friends were singing the carol with gusto. So were all the others in the room, some non-believers as well as the devout church-goers!At that moment, I was deeply moved that people of other faiths or even no particular belief at all were able to join in the singing of the those beloved songs without launching a vocal protest! Or without leaving the room or the party, for that matter. The home was big enough for anyone to leave the room where the singing was taking place. No one did.I believe the public schools should also be able to recognize the Christmas-Hanukkah season without people having their civil rights offended. Shouldn’t we be mature enough to stop being indignant and let each celebration have its day, so to speak? I am certain that the Jewish people attending that party didn’t fall to their knees in submissive conversion that evening. I seriously doubt that conversion was the intention of our hostess. Had someone broke into a Hanukkah song, I, too, would have sung out heartily! I think it is all about fear. Fear that we will be forced into reluctant submission of another’s belief (as if we have no free will!). Fear that acknowledging another’s celebration of faith will be our doom.Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world that embraced all cultures and faiths and we were not afraid to let each cultural celebration have its day? Maybe then we would have a world without terrorism.Karen SnyderEdwards Something to readI would like to thank you for publishing Mr. Butch Mazzuca’s commentaries. His Dec. 22 column, “Positive signs,” was especially appreciated. It showed how things are on the ground in Iraq from someone on the front lines. Mr. Mazzuca also presented some important facts seldom reported. When Mr. Mazzuca has a commentary in the Vail Daily, it takes me more than five minutes to glance at your paper, as I actually read his whole commentary.On the other hand, I wonder if Mr. Matt Zalaznick gets his material from various far left-wing blogs. I doubt one person can have so much disrespect, misinformation and hate; that would make for a very unhappy person. U.S. military personnel have fought and some have died all over the world so Mr. Zalaznick can spew his hate.Thanks again for publishing Mr. Mazzuca’s commentaries. They give me something to read in the Vail Daily. Hope you and your staff had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year,Michael Ziegler Great lightsWhat fun it was to be one of the judges in the Gypsum holiday lighting contest. Since I have lived most of my life in the flat Midwest, I especially enjoyed driving through the Red Hill neighborhood and being able to look down and see so many colored lights brightly shining all over the Gypsum community. This neighborhood also provided the winning display created by John and Doris Kirchner. The couple said they began planning their entry last summer and the result is spectacular.I also took the time to tour other areas of Gypsum just to see the displays and found that all parts of the town offered lights at every turn, created by those who take pleasure in brightening our spirits.So if you are looking for some holiday cheer, consider a tour of Gypsum’s lights and see for yourself, starting with the Kirchner residence at 871 Sunset Lane as well as the remaining houses on the 2005 winners list: Brian and Stephanie Thomas, 700 Valley Road; Michael and Tammi Boeke, 154 Spring Circle; Chris and Eric Heidemann, 100 Price Place; John Harris, 550 Chatfield Lane; and Ricky and Darlene Juedemann, 110 Ponderosa.I wish to say thank you to the residents of Gypsum for sharing the holiday spirit in such a wonderful way. Since this contest would not be possible without the help of the holiday sponsors, I would also like to thank the following businesses for their support: Alpine Bank, Beveridge Real Estate, Castle Peak Automotive Center, Columbine Market, Holy Cross Energy and Stop ‘n’ Save.Dian ZillnerGypsumVail, Colorado

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