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Letters to the editor

Nancy Cole

This is in response to Kathleen Mary Fiske’s letter about Diamond Star Ranch. As far as I know, Kathleen is not even a horse boarder at Diamond Star Ranch. Your letter is completely inappropriate and misinformed. It might actually hurt our chances if the homeowners change their minds or possibly allow boarders on their property in the future! I have been lucky enough to have been able to board my horse Jackson at Diamond Star for the last two years. Yes, we are devastated that the homeowners have made this decision, but it is their property and it was never intended to be a public boarding facility. Anyone who has been in the horse boarding business knows that a horse barn loses money. I don’t think that their decision has anything to do with not wanting to “rub shoulders with the locals,” as Kathleen put it. I think it has more to do with the fact that this is their facility and they do have over 70 horses and foals to take care of, and they want their ranch to themselves. They can afford it. That’s why they bought property and homes down there. I only wish that they would have given us a chance to discuss this with them before they made their decision. The reason I brought my horse to Diamond Star is because I wanted Jackson to retire on a beautiful ranch where he could peacefully graze in his last years. He has been such an amazing horse and has touched so many lives that I felt he deserved this. Every time I drive onto the ranch it takes my breath away. It is such an amazing horse ranch that I could never actually believe that we were there. But it was never ours to keep. It is just painfully sad that Jackson will not be there anymore. He is 26 years old and has arthritis. He has thrived since moving to Diamond Star. Jackson and I will be moving back to Berry Creek. While Berry Creek lacks fancy show barn looks, it completely makes up for that with excellent care and a real “local” family feel to it. I want to point out that Berry Creek will be on that site until the school system decides to build a high school there and then they still have to pass a tax levy to start the process. So Berry Creek Equestrian Center could be there for two years, five years, or possibly even 10 years. It might not be for everyone, but I know Jackson will be well taken care of and given lots of attention. Maybe the horse community could focus on possibly getting a longer fixed lease for Berry Creek so it would make sense to upgrade the facility. The choices that we have in this valley are not ideal for everyone, and yes, we are all scrambling to find a place for our horses. Diamond star Ranch will always be the place that I feel that Jackson belongs at, but I want Kathleen to know that it is not the locals that are hurt, it’s our horses. It’s Jackson, Tarzan, Houston, Corey, Owen, Haiko, Vinny, and all of the other horses that have become accustomed to the beautiful pastures at Diamond Star Ranch. But life goes on in our “happy” valley. Besides, you could always move, or accept your lot in life, and do the best that you can for yourself and your horse. I would like to thank the homeowners at Diamond Star Ranch for our time on your property and hopefully you might reconsider your decision or change your minds someday. I would also like to thank Christine Farragher and her staff for taking incredible care of Jackson for me. We will truly miss being there! Nancy Cole Edwards Vail, Colorado

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