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Letters to the editor

Allen and Jan Gerstenberger

We’d like to thank the town for the hard work that the snow plow crews are doing keeping the town operating efficiently this year. We understand that the downside of the wonderful snow year is more work and headaches keeping the town operating. Our home is 1320 Greenhill Court, at the end of the cul-de-sac in Glen Lyon. With the new home construction in the area, keeping the street and driveways open is a major challenge for the town, as well as the property owners. Our driveway seems to be shrinking by the day. On the morning of Jan. 1, about 8 a.m., the town was plowing Greenhill Court. I flagged down the driver to discuss the plowing and snow storage issues. He stopped, got out of the truck, and introduced himself as Jake (I don’t remember his last name). We spent about 10 minutes walking around, discussing the problems and possible solutions. I was impressed with his sincerity to do a good job and his interest in solving the problems. My compliments to Jake and the town. He is a wonderful ambassador for the town and a pleasure to talk with. I was very impressed with his sincere approach to finding solutions to the problems. We understand that the record snowfall this season puts extra pressure on the town staff. Based on my experiences with Jake, you are handling the pressures in a professional and caring manner. We appreciate and applaud your efforts. Happy New Year! Allen and Jan Gerstenberger GratefulWe would like to thank everyone in our communities who have supported us through this trying time. All of the people who attended the Patrick Kohl benefit, bid on auction items, as well as the calls, prayers and cards. So many of you have been so kind. We would also like to thank the following individuals and businesses for generous donations of time, products, services and money: Gail Cameron-Britt, Jan Covault, Pam Frye/Tastefully Simple Alpine Laser, Clinic Twist, Into the West, Got Dogs? Grooming, Dermaclear Aesthetics, Mountain Living, Duncan Carwash, Bob Penkhus, Pure Life Skin Care, Deb Stansell, Barb Hogoboom.Raenette Johnson, Kathy Heicher, Laurie Slaughter, Joy Ortiz, Mary Ann Lebo, Mary Pat Witt, Deb Peters, Laura Mansfield, Susan Brower, Paul Norton, Donnie Edson, Karen Simon, Columbine Market, Kuttin Korner, Sandy Theinen, Tim Cochrane, Marion McDonough, Randy Rohweder, Kim DeGroat, Dan and Susan Cox.Jerry and Sandy Smith, Jim and Karla Miller, Kelly Martinez, Doris Nolan, Laura and Rob Fawcett, Linda and Jim Alvis, Jill Baron, Debby Beard, Paul McGinney, Susan Brower, Tara Haymond, Kim Blackford, Travis Hansbargar.Jane Brandes, Chris and Ginny Leniger, Judy Hagan, Cassie Johnson, Slifer Designs, Adagio Salon, Rich Hufnagel Painting, Mimi Garth, Well Heeled, Derma Taut International, Christie Lodge, Alpine Ambiance, Mountain Flour, Sinclair Station/Ed Oyler, In Kahoots, Everyday Outfitters.Brian Acker, Marriot, John Garth, Pazzos, Fiestas, Linda Miller, Mountain Dog, Amanda Duncan at WestOne Spa, Jessica Duncan at Sonnenalp Spa, China Garden, Pastatively, Cambria Coffee, Brenda Lee, Beaver Creek West Condos, Vail Resorts, Paddy’s Grill, Allegria Spa, Bob’s Place, Wendy Griffith Photography.Back Bowl, EVHS Booster Club, Roy Buttermore, Ruggs Benedict, Kevin Lagace, Robin Davis, Judy Hagan, Colleen Wirth, all of Patrick’s buddies, Rich Deane Trading, Jean Covault, Into the West, Craig Keltner, Shannon Fedrizzi, McKenzie DeGroat, New Shoes, Sondi Hern, Cindy and John Ramunno, JM Reynolds Inc., Columbine Market, Columbine Bakery, Karen Andrusak, The Garden Center, Cotton Ranch, Cooley Mesa Car Wash, Scooter Slaughter, Due West Aviation, Natural Nails, Brass Parrot, Mane Street, Christie Lodge, Alpine Bank, Century Tel, Jazzoompah, Bluegrace Mountain Band, The Vail Valley Jet Center. We appreciate everything! The family of Pat Kohl Vail can change dope lawIn reference to the coverage of SAFER’s ballot initiative:In 2001 the Colorado Legislature decriminalized the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana. That action followed the 2000 passage of medical marijuana. The people had spoken and our representatives responded. If people were going to be using marijuana medically, then it was pretty obvious that it had to be grown and traded. Furthermore, spending millions on keeping people in jail for having a joint in their ashtray was financially bankrupting the dept of corrections.CRS 18-18-406 says in part that possession of an ounce or less shall be punished by no more that $100 and makes the violation a petty offense. Violators get a ticket. There’s no jail and no record. Defendants can get ticketed many times and not worry about much more than the loss of their marijuana and cash for fines.Since this law is a petty offense, any home rule community may adopt this law and set the fine to be lower than $100. And that is what National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has been asking communities to do. NORML thinks that if your community chose to make the fine as low as possible, even zero, then the police would find better things to do with their time.Rather than wait for a statewide initiative that may or not pass, Vail can essentially legalize minor possession. At the very least the citizens of Vail can send a clear message to the police and prosecutors that harassing adult marijuana users should be the lowest priority on its list. Since Vail has chosen to wait for outsiders to show initiative, it is doomed to supporting an unwanted persecution of the usual suspects. Or maybe the citizens of Vail would like to increase a damper on tourism and personal freedoms?Paul TigerPresident of NORML for BoulderEven in a bootAlthough I have a problem (personally) sipping beer from a brandy snifter, as a member of the Beer Church, I have no problem with my fellow communicates sipping (or slurping) their beers from any vessel they choose. Beer is all about inclusion. If they choose to sip a brewski from an old Army boot, I’ll raise my mug to that. Cheers!Alex WalkerLeadvilleFree expressionGeorge Middlemass is the latest to call for restrictions on what Matt Zalaznick says. I disagree. As long as exposure is provided for other points of view, I don’t mind. That’s what free speech is all about.Besides, look at it this way: Matt Zalaznick is a voice from the left. A good example of what that kind thinks. If he didn’t exist, the right would be tempted to invent him. Terry QuinnEagle Vail, Colorado

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