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Letters to the editor


First I’d like to say it’s really amazing that so many people enjoy turning to immigrants to release tension, anger and those feelings that come with lack of self-accomplishment.

That’s right, it’s not the immigrants taking all the jobs; it’s you not going and getting them first. I’ve heard many stories in the Vail Daily about the great opportunity of this land. Many more lately, though, about how these “darn” immigrants are ruining everything.

Here’s a thought for you, turn to the back of the newspaper, to the classified ad section, and look for the help wanted section. You will notice about two pages, now in the middle of the season, of jobs available. Get one and stop whining!

If you’re not qualified for the one you like, your fault! Take advantage of the great opportunities this country has to offer its citizens and get an education or specialized training. The government, to a large sum, pays for the first two year’s tuition in full.

On the note of immigrants taking the jobs, if you haven’t noticed, they hold most of the jobs that most of you think you’re too good to do: housekeeping, flipping burgers, construction. What’s the big deal? Without them, our local economy just wouldn’t run so smoothly. We need them. Ever thought of that? Probably not; it’s not very convenient.

Next, an extremely educated person wrote about how these immigrants should not receive government aid and special programs, how we don’t owe them. I guess natural born citizens are better and deserve more because “we” pay all the taxes, huh?

I regret to inform you that immigrants, both legal and illegal, pay taxes on their checks, too. I am reluctant to say that foreigners don’t cheat the system; I know for a fact that certain do. I also know of many Americans, probably more because of comfortability of applying for these services, which cheat the system. There are many ways for those that wish to take a free ride.

We’re talking about more than immigrants. We’re talking about people like: sick babies that have no control over their environment; unfortunate school-age children that have learning disabilities; elderly; pregnant mothers that can’t afford proper prenatal care; fathers that become unable to work and whose families can’t make ends meet; and an infinite list of other affected parties.

To say that these people, most of whom pay their share of taxes, don’t deserve the same treatment, opportunities, and care as we Americans is horrible. Such actions would be a travesty.

Our WIC and Medicaid systems are set up to help those who need it. That’s what makes me feel good about paying my taxes. I could not allocate the money to be used for good-hearted Americans, but for anyone that needs it.

You need to realize that most immigrants come here for a better chance at life than they would otherwise have in their home country, not a kick in the teeth for trying to make life better for themselves, and their families. There’s a time in everyone’s life that assistance is needed, not hate.

I believe you people should re-evaluate your beliefs; they’re compromising the beliefs that our country was built upon.

Steven Cowles

Thanks for help

Thank you! The Bravo! Guild would like to thank all the sponsors, volunteers, and participants in the 10th annual Bravo! By Starlight Snowshoe and Cross-Country Event, which was held on Sunday, Feb. 16, at the Vail Nordic Center. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Bravo! Music Education Fund.

Special thanks go to Tom Gaylord at the Vail Recreation District for setting up the course and to Jim Funk of Vail Resorts for their contribution of illuminating glowsticks. Thanks to Patty Gray and her staff at the Seasons at the Green for donating the Kreuger Room for registration and awards, along with a welcome supply of hot chocolate. Thanks to Meet The Wilderness for use of their snowshoes and to Atlas Snowshoes and Christy Sports for donating showshoes for our prize drawing.

Finally, thanks to Los Amigos, Chili Willy’s and the Tap Room for contributing delicious chili; and to Zino’s, Larkspur, Tyrolean, Savory Inn, AlpenRose, Swiss Chalet, Golden Eagle, Main Street Grill, Gore Range Brewery, and Cranberry Isles Seafood for the gift certificates they contributed for our prize drawing.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts in making this event successful, and hope to see you this summer at the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival concerts. We’ll be back next winter with our 11th annual Bravo! By Starlight.

Marcia McCalden

The Bravo! Guild

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