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Letters to the editor

Bernd W. Busch

My brother in law and I were enjoying a meal at a well-known restaurant in Vail Village this past week. My brother in law was treating me.When he got the bill, I happened to glance at it and saw an item on the bill that I never saw before: GRATUITY: $12.50 (15 percent of the cost to the dinner, drinks and and I believe taxes).Questioning this “new” line item, I was informed by the hostess that it is the policy of the restaurant to charge foreigners with this automatic gratuity because “foreigners don’t tip.” Well, needless to say, I became a little upset. Aside from the waiter judging whether or not one is a foreigner based on the language or the accent you speak with, this is a serious case of discrimination.I do understand that a restaurant may have the policy of charging a gratuity for a larger party, regardless of nationality, religion or color, and provided the party is informed about this. But here we are talking a party of two and about a policy that discriminates against foreigners who may well be the lifeblood of the Vail Valley during the ski season. And many true foreigners may not understand the term GRATUITY, but they do know what TIP means. Bernd W. BuschBoulder No more aidHamas is on the U.S. government list of officially designated terrorist organizations. That means that if someone gives money to Hamas, they are violating American law, and are subject to prosecution and a jail sentence. That applies to all American citizens, the president included. For as Judge Alito said during his recent confirmation hearings: “No one is above the law. Not even the president of the United States.”After the recent Palestinian Arab elections, the PA is now controlled by Hamas. That means all of the administration’s financial aid to the Hamas controlled PA – the official $400 million in direct aid to the PA, as well as the additional hundreds of millions of dollars of indirect aid provided each year by our administration – must end now. Otherwise the president is violating American laws that prohibit supporting Hamas.I would encourage the president to obey the laws of this country that prohibit giving money to Hamas. He should do so for the sake of the integrity and effectiveness of America’s war for survival against Islamic terror. Americans need to end all financial and political support for the PA immediately!Arthur KittayEagleWho are you?I see I am being frequently attacked in your Tipsline forum. Who are these cowards who are afraid to sign their names, and where do they get their information?May I suggest they read my book, “Requiem for the West,” before their next ranting? It’s full of Vail history, as well as controversial statements to address. It can be purchased at the Colorado Ski Museum in Vail and the Bookworm in Edwards, or the county libraries have it.One of my main reasons for writing the book and now running for commissioner is to create debates on the serious issues I see facing the county. I welcome a discourse, but it would help to know who I am talking to.Roger BrownGypsumThanks for helpI just wanted to thank everyone at Vail Resorts and Vail Ski Patrol for helping to make our Rocky Mountain Freestyle Events that we hosted here in Vail a huge success. A special thanks goes out to Julie Rust and her crew at Ski Patrol, Dan Conway and his crew at Mountain Operations, and Dave T. at Snowcat Operations for all their help. We wouldn’t have been able to pull everything off with out you. Thanks again.Brian BakerFreestyle Program DirectorHead Moguls CoachSki & Snowboard Club Vail Vail, Colorado

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