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Letters to the Editor


I was visiting your lovely town on Tuesday, Feb. 11, and while perusing your paper, ran across an article titled “Israel bans Palestinians from entering West Bank.” First off, I think that whoever came up with this headline made a mistake. He or she might have meant “Israel bans Palestinians from leaving West Bank” (where many of them are living).

As you did point out, and I thank you for that, the closure was a result of threats of further attacks on Israelis in the coming days. My contention with this headline, even if it had been correct, is the inflamed, accusatory nature of it. I think it is common knowledge that many busy readers leaf through a newspaper scanning the headlines and may or more likely, may not, return to the article. The tone of the headline, in this case insinuating that Israel is the guilty party, is what stays with them.

I would also like to point out the last sentence of the same article which states that Palestinian suicide bombers have killed more than 300 Israelis.- In fact, as of Feb. 12 of this year, the figures are 727 Israelis murdered and 5,071 seriously injured (see the website http://www.All4Israel.com). By “seriously injured” we’re talking about injuries like loss of limbs, brain damage, paralysis, and in many cases victims being subjected to multiple surgeries for the removal of shrapnel.————————-

In the past couple of years, since the beginning of Intafada II on the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah, September of 2000, I have become more than wary of the constant media bias (whether intentional or not) that has been generally unfavorable toward Israel.

Somehow the “Plight of the Palestinians” (which, if one studies the facts, they could see that they have generally brought it upon themselves with the help and encouragement of their Arab brethren) is very often highlighted while the incredible losses, suffering and grief truly imposed upon the Israelis is downplayed. Failing to present the facts in a manner that is factual, complete, and unbiased toward all sides is doing your readers a grave injustice.

Judy S. Kava

Snowmass Village

Celebration of Eef

As a member of the EEF Productions crew, the days following the passing of Jon “EEF” Efraimson were difficult ones, filled with both sorrow and joy. The celebration of his life held Saturday afternoon at the Vilar Center was an incredible, healing experience for us all.

There are so many people to thank for making it such an incredible, perfect tribute to our mentor and friend. I won’t name names, as I’d be bound to leave someone out, but I must give a heart-felt thank you to you all, starting with all of our friends at the Vail Valley Foundation, you are all wonderful and gave us so much strength, especially to Lisa; all the volunteers who saw to every detail so perfectly; all the staff at the Vilar Center for the Arts and the guys from RIC who took over the video tech so we think of other things; the catering; all the speakers who so eloquently voiced memories and thoughts, helping us laugh through our tears; all of my co-workers-you are the best; and every single person who came that day to celebrate Jon’s life and share thoughts, feelings, and memories.

It will be tough to return to the office and go back to “business as usual,” but having the chance to express and share emotions and memories makes it easier for all of us. Thank you Vail Valley, for all your kindness and support.

Cheryl Bottomley

EEF Productions

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