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Letters to the Editor

Lonnie Chipman and Susan Miller

We would like to express our appreciation to County Commissioners Stone, Runyon, and Menconi for their decision to deny the Palmerosa Ranch development which would have added five ranchettes to the lower meadows of Lake Creek Valley.

There were only a handful of Eagle County residents who were present during these meetings and were aware of the prolonged struggle that the three commissioners went through to reach this difficult decision. We hope Commissioners Stone, Runyon, and Menconi know in their hearts that they are responsible for preserving an irreplaceable jewel for future generations to enjoy.

In addition, we would like to commend wildlife experts Bill Heicher and Bill Andree for standing firm in protecting the needs of the wildlife in an area of our county where it is still abundant.

Lonnie Chipman

Susan Miller

Eagle County

Who cares?

Chris Salmon has it all wrong.

Who cares if Arn Menconi uses lousy facts to back up his anti-smoking crusade? And who cares if Salmon’s “facts” are better? Nor is this issue isn’t about if, “our freedoms should be further restricted by government force.” as Mr. Salmon would have it. It’s about smokers (like Mr. Salmon, I presume?) subjecting non-smokers to their dirty cigarette butts on beaches, making us smell like dirty cigarettes when you smoke next to us in a bar or nightclub and polluting our clean air with your dirty air from your dirty cigarettes and stinking breath.

Us non-smokers are sick of being subjected to this dirty, filthy habit, Mr. Salmon. And, given the chance, we will vote for legislation to shut this nasty habit out of the public ” and private ” places we frequent. Hopefully this will soon include the bars and restaurants of Vail.

Our numbers are greater than you, and we will win the war against you and the rest of your ilk who foul our air, pollute our beaches and mountains with your butts and who stink up the bars and restaurants where we socialize.

Sure, you are welcome to smoke. Just do it at home. And stay there, so we don’t have to smell your stinking clothing or your stale cigarette breath while you whine loudly about the injustice of it all.

Tom Winter


Nice work

We certainly wish to thank the Vail Daily, and in particular, Laura Ball, the reporter who covered the Rembrandt exhibit at the Vilar Center. Both of her columns were written with great clarity, insight and most of all, very professional.

We congratulate you both on a job extremely well done. The columns certainly brought more people to the Vilar Center to view and hear about the collections.

Dr. Mort and Toby Mower

From experience

Matt Zalaznick, your commentary Feb. 10 is beyond sophomoric. I proudly served in the counter-intelligence corps of the U.S. Army in the Far East long before you were even thought about by your parents. If we were not successful in our mission, my commanding officers knew about it and perhaps word leaked out to the general public.

Our success stories were never published. And yes, we spied on suspected terrorists, whether in our own military or civilians, both foreign and domestic, who we felt were potentially subversive. I did not regret my mission because I felt that it was important for the security of the country I so dearly love.

Your total disrespect for the office of the president, vice president and any other individual in government that displeases you (I can assume are all Republicans) is your right. God bless your right to dissent, but back then I would rather be dead than red.

Please use your continued diatribes to show us “O’Reilly-loving conservatives” what plans you have for assuring the continued safety of our citizens. Back in World War II there were spies here in the U.S. who were bent on destroying this country. Do you believe that this is any different today?

I can assure you that there have been many more success stories like the recent L.A. disclosure and the fact that we have not been attacked again is either lucky or, perhaps our intelligence systems really are working.

I speak from experience. From what experience do you speak?

Arthur Blank II


Great guides

Our first ski experience at Vail reached its peak, thanks to the volunteer guides-instructors Jeff Antonius and Bob Finlay. They both were wonderful, gracious and most generous with their time and skills as skiers and instructors. My wife and I are most grateful to Jeff and Bob and for what Vail Mountain offered us.

Peter Elsbach

New York, N.Y.

Vail, Colorado

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