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Letters to the Editor

Terry Schiessl

I had the same problem living in Eagle County with an Eagle address and had to pay city tax for Cingular. Well the way to do it is to go to the town clerk, get a written letter identifying that you do not live in the town even though you have a town address. Send that letter to the telephone company customer service, or better get a definite address for the place to send it.Be sure to keep copies of all documents that are sent and received as well as document any phone inquiries regarding the issue. It took me more than four months to resolve the issue and there was a rebate for the taxes paid that should not have been for that year. Even our government representatives, locally, state and federal do not have the answers for this particular problem. Believe me, I know the frustration. It is interesting that town and cities do not get an itemized list of tax payees, just a blanket check for the amount of taxes for the towns involved.Terry SchiesslEagle County Peaking petroleumPeak oil. Oil depletion. Hubbert’s peak. The end of cheap oil. What does all this mean? Why is George Bush suddenly talking about oil the way Jimmy Carter did in the 1970’s and Al Gore did in the 1980’s? Has something changed?Last year a friend lent me a copy of a documentary called, “The End of Suburbia” with a subtitle “Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream.” Needless to say, it was quite disturbing.This morning I decided to google “Peak Oil” and see what I could find. Afterall, when an oilman from Texas starts talking about our “addiction” to oil, something must be up. I found a site called “Peak oil: Life after the Crash” by Matt Savinar. It was the first site listed. For those of you who know my politics are left of center, ponder this: Representative Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) spoke on the floor of the US House of Representatives on March 14, 2005 for an HOUR on the dire consequences of Peak Oil. He quoted Matt Savinar several times. Since then, Rep Bartlett has spoken several times in Congress on this issue, and has quoted long sections from this Web site. On July 19, 2005 he said, “I would encourage you, Mr. Speaker, to pull up his article and read it. It is really very sobering.”I encourage you, readers of the Vail Daily, to do the same. The time for action is now. We need an “Apollo Project” or “Manhattan Project” type of response to the imminent oil crises. Bill Lindsay Vail Editor’s note: Another interesting site is apolloalliance.com. That would be niceOnce upon a time there was a wonderful country that was being messed up by two political parties. They were called Republicans and Democrats, and they spent most of their time quarreling with each other instead of really trying to fix the problems of the wonderful country. Their only goals seemed to be to insult each other and to beat the other guys whenever they had elections. Well, a few of the people in the wonderful country finally decided that somebody really should be taking care of the problems. So they started up a new party and called it the “American Party.” They thought about calling it the “Bright Future Party” or the “People’s Party.” Well, any one of those would have shown what they had in mind. It turned out that a lot of the other people in the wonderful country were not really happy with either the Republicans or the Democrats, so they voted for the people from the new “American Party.” Well, what do you know, they won! And almost right away, lots of people started to work together to try to solve the old problems; and because they listened instead of just yelling, they found compromises and the problems got fixed. And, I have to tell you that not one of them was an easy problem – and some of them were really hard – but they fixed them! They stopped borrowing lots of money and they gave more people good doctors and medicine and they stopped the whole world from getting too hot and they got the people from other countries to like us again. Oh yes, I almost forgot, they were really honest and they told everybody what was going on. And then, because all the stupid quarreling went away, and things were getting better, the people in the wonderful country lived happily ever after.David Le VineAvon Vail, Colorado

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