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Letters to the editor

Gregg Morris

The feds blaming enviros for the beetle infestation is such a load of Bush administration hogwash as to be unbelievable. There have been beetle infestations of federally controlled forests across this country, and one major cause is the feds treating our forests as a crop and creating huge monocultures where mixed forests once stood. Since pine is a favorite food of these beetles, they are only doing what comes naturally – eating and breeding.Another major cause of the beetle infestation is acid rain and high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The high levels of carbon dioxide make the trees try to grow faster but there has not been an increase in the other nutrients the trees need so they do not grow healthily. At the same time the carbon dioxide dissolved in the rain, makes the rain acid which damages the leaves and roots of the trees. This makes the trees even less healthy and makes them easier for the beetles attack. If enviros are guilty of anything, it is not fighting hard enough to protect the environment and controlling carbon dioxide. The Bush administration is only guilty of trying to gut all of our environmental protections and lying about it to the American public.Gregg MorrisVailThinkFirst On behalf of ThinkFirst-Vail Valley Medical Center, we would like to thank Vail Resortsfor their gift of $7,200 to provide ski and snowboard helmets and bike helmets for children and young adults in Eagle, Gypsum and other parts of Eagle County. This generous gift and the continued support of Vail Resorts will make a difference in the lives of young people in our community.ThinkFirst is a nationally recognized, locally supported, award winning public education injury prevention program that targets children of all ages and young adults. Trauma continues to be the leading killer of young people. Nationally, more than 22,000 children under 20 years of age die of injuries each year and approximately 600,000 children are seen in emergency rooms. An additional 30,000 children suffer permanent disabilities. Most of these injuries occur among persons between the ages of 15 and 24. An overwhelming majority of these injuries are preventable.During the 2005-06 school year, ThinkFirst will provide their injury prevention programs in Eagle County to over 2,500 students from elementary school through high school ages. It is estimated that over 600 bike helmets and 300 ski and snowboard helmets will be given to children who do not already have helmets.ThinkFirst is 100 percent funded through donations and grants. Without the community support of organizations such as Vail Resorts,, we would not be able to reach as many children with these important programs. We are grateful to Vail Resorts for their gift to ThinkFirst and applaud their leadership for supporting the quest to keep our young people safe.Sally Ann BluhmDirectorThinkFirst-Vail Valley Medical CenterThanks or sharingThe Vilar Center would like to thank Dr. Morton and Mrs. Toby Mower and curator Aaron Young for allowing us the honor of exhibiting their amazing collection of Rembrandt etchings two weeks ago in the May Gallery. To all of you who joined us for the lecture night and the public showings over the weekend, we know you felt that same wonderment as we did in being able to get up close and personal with such history through one of the innovators of printmaking. We would like to congratulate the Vilar Center Guild for their support and assistance as they acted as docents, watchmen and promoters of this exhibit. Also thanks to the Vilar Center Junior Guild for rallying the local middle and high schools for their “School of Rembrandt” drawing contest and guided tours. You inspired many young artists in our valley! Special thanks to Laura Ball at the Vail Daily and to our sponsors Rocks Modern Grill, Plum TV, Scully’s and TV 8/TV 17. The Vilar Center staffNo moreHeadlines around the world for the past weeks tell the tale of Muslim countries angered by the publication of cartoons satirizing their prophet. These are the same Muslims who have applauded cartoons comparing Israeli and other Jewish leaders to Nazis. The same people who for decades have encouraged cartoons depicting Jews as murderers and killers. These are the same governments that have supported the dissemination of materials inciting hatred of Western society. The same Arab and Muslim countries that have welcomed, encouraged and made baseless racism commonplace.The results of this Arab racism are being felt around the world. The headlines in Paris tell the story of a young Jew tortured for three weeks before being murdered by his Muslim captors. The newly elected terrorist regime of the Palestine Arab Authority, Hamas, is actively supporting and encouraging rocket attacks against Israel in the name of the Muslim religion. The evil has even been felt among their fellow Muslims as a mosque was destroyed this week in Iraq.It is time that the world stood up and said “no more” to this evil. We cannot tolerate the hate that comes from their newspapers, radio and television stations. It is time to end the aid being given to educational institutions that teach hatred. It is time to delegitimize a Saudi Arabian government that teaches hate throughout the world. It is time to stand up against a racist government in Iran.During the years after the ill-fated Oslo Accords, American and other Western governments allowed and supported a Palestinian Arab Authority that institutionalized hatred in its educational system. The result was the democratic election of a terrorist group in Arab Palestine. We must remember that Adolph Hitler was also democratically elected as chancellor of Germany. Democracy is not only the popular election of a government by the people. It is also the ability of those with diverse views to live within that democratic society.Arthur KittayVail, Colorado

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