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Keep dreamingDid you ever have a dream to leave your everyday life and escape to “paradise” and build a new one full of adventure? It has been four years since our dream to buy property on the Caribbean coast of Mexico began, and almost three years since we embarked on a journey along the Mariposa Trail. We sold our house in Colorado, packed up our belongings in a trailer, and moved to Tulum, where we experienced living in rustic conditions on the most beautiful white sand beach bordered by the multi-hued Caribbean. We struggled with doing business without having a firm grasp of the language and culture of Mexico, but we never gave up and returned to the States. That would have been the easy way out as we approached the many “topes” along the trail. Instead we reached out to our neighbors and friends who were also experiencing a new way of living, and together we found what we needed in order to move forward little by little. We discovered that happiness did enter through a door we never realized we left open. Experiencing first hand what a hurricane can do to land on the coast and the cost of the process of getting permits led us to eventually sell this piece of paradise. Luckily, we never stopped dreaming, for two years ago while we were in the waiting process to build on the beach, a new dream emerged. We found an oasis in the jungle along the Coba Road only 12 miles from Tulum where we built our B&B, La Selva Mariposa. Each day we wake up to a concert performed by the jungle birds outside our windows and are lulled to sleep by the flowing waters of our Mayan style fountain. Soon the cenote style plunge pool with a heated waterfall will be available to our guests.The walking/jogging paths around the property allow us to enter the jungle and follow the many colored butterflies as they flitter from one flower to the next. We have found that place where museums are outdoors and stories are painted by the people who enter our threshold every day, reminding us that “we are all on the same path, no matter what language we speak.” (John Denver) My newly released book, “Embarking on the Mariposa Trail,” full of shared secrets, chronicles this journey along the Mariposa Trail in a country where the warm and musical sound of the Spanish language invites you to discover a new way of living.To purchase the book contact Mari at moealou2@yahoo.com or order directly through http://www.amazon.com. Mari PintkowskiUnhappy skiesI thought your readers might like to know that US Airways has no plan for helping travelers stranded by their equipment problems flying out of Eagle County Regional Airport. That’s what happened (a recent) weekend to US Airways flight 158, which was grounded by a bad engine. US Airways management completely broke down, and more than a hundred passengers were treated with contempt, confusion, and general indifference by the airline. US Airways agents were reduced to looking for lodging in Eagle in the Yellow Pages. They had done no preparation, no planning, and generally acted with great surprise that such thing could happen on a busy weekend when flights and hotels were all booked. The chief flight attendant said she had never seen such shoddy performance from her own airline in 28 years of working for them! Travelers were treated to a dangerous, frustrating travel saga that took 36 hours to get them home. If you fly US Airways out of Vail you are putting your peace of mind at risk!David Mindell Cambridge, Mass.Home for VRPlease pass this information on to Vail Resorts. Centennial Valley in Louisville is right off U.S. 36 at McCaslin Boulevard. We have five good hotels and plenty of sit-down restaurants. We will have real good access to RTD with a new pedestrian bridge to open in May, 2006. Everything a business needs is right in Louisville. Check out these Web sites for more information: http://www.ci.louisville.co.us and http://www.louisvillechamber.comDave ClabotsLouisville City CouncilWatch outI just thought the community might like to know that I recieved an Internet scam the other day. I was aware of it because I’d read an article in the Vail Daily at the beginning of the season. It was a man claiming to be David Cooker of a car shipping agency. The e-mails were unprofessional and he never gave a phone number or even name of his company, which made me suspicous right away. However, he asked questions indicating he had a client intersted in buying my car, which is listed on carsdirect.com. The last e-mail he sent was an offer to buy. He said he was going to send a cashier’s check from a cancelled order that was worth $7,000 more than I was asking. He said it was company policy that they can only make ONE cashiers’ check, and since this sale didn’t go through, he had to use the same check for my sale. He said when I sent him back the difference of $7,000 from my bank account and it cleared, he would call me and arrange for someone to come pick up my car.Thank you Vail Daily for bringing my attention to this kind of scam earlier in the year. Kirra Dyer Avon Casino Night comingEagle County Early Childhood Programs wants to thank all the sponsors we have gotten for the 19th annual Casino Night. The event will be held at the Vail Valley Marriott on Friday, April 7t, from 7 p.m. to midnight. The tickets are $20 before the event and $25 at the door. The event raises funds for quality preschool programs in the Vail Valley. Please come and support children by coming to the event. There will be 53 gaming tables, including Texas hold ’em and an amazing silent auction. We need you all to come and show that children need our support! We still need volunteer dealers. If you are interested in helping, please call Angela at 476-1281. We cannot wait to see you there! Angela Mueller VailCode greenIt is wonderful that a new code is being adopted to reward and encourage environmentally friendly building practices in Eagle County. There has been extensive collaboration with representatives of the local building industry to create a fair and manageable program. With input from the public and county commissioners, we appear to have a well-designed code which hopefully will be adopted and enacted by the commissioners April 11. Thanks to everyone who contributed time and wisdom to this process.Beth SliferVailTerrorism in IraqDon Roger’s Quick Takes “Sunnis hang themselves” mentioned how stupid and suicidal it is for Iraq’s Sunni minority to be fomenting civil war there. It certainly would be, and you might think that both Sunni and terrorist insurgents would be working for a unified front against our forces, rather than fight among themselves.In the murky world of terrorism and clandestine operations there are no rules, no right or wrong, and the ends justify the means. The current situation in Iraq is even murkier as you just do not know who is behind the numerous acts of terrorism. An intelligence operative there might be a contract agent for the CIA one week, and working for British MI-6 or the Israeli Mossad the next. Or even work for the other side. What appears to be real to us may not be so.I like comparing the CIA, MI-6, and the Mossad to the Marx Brothers. On screen Groucho, Harpo, and Chico were often working for cross purposes and at odds with each other, but behind the scenes they worked tirelessly together to perfect their scripts. Groucho once quipped that “Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms” and with these intelligence groups, who have scripted their plans for Iraq years ago, the opposite of what we are being told could be the real objective.Divide and conquer is a basic precept of warfare and for years our side’s intelligence operations against Saddam has been to promote conflict against his regime by the Kurds and Shiites. It is no different now. While our leaders preach about wanting to keep Iraq unified and avoid a bloody civil war, the real objective is a divided Iraq.Last September, a story broke where two British SAS/commando types were captured in Basra after a shootout with Iraqi police. The Brits were dressed as insurgents, wearing wigs and turbans, and carrying AK-47s and explosives in their vehicle. As several Iraqis were killed or wounded, the commandos were held in a Basra jail and when demands for their release were refused, the British army sent a squadron of tanks and armored vehicles that destroyed the jail and freed the commandos.While the story quickly disappeared from the news there was never any reasonable explanation given for this incident. Could it be that some of these terrorist acts targeting mosques and innocent civilians are being initiated and carried out by agents working for the CIA, MI-6, and the Mossad? There have been rumors of this and several journalists who were kidnapped and executed by “insurgents” have reported that this may be happening.On February 22, a group of “insurgents” dressed as Iraqi police blew up the 1,200-year-old Golden Mosque in Samarra in what was described as a well-planned and well-executed commando style raid. Both Shiite and Sunni religious leaders condemned the attack, and some blamed the U.S. and Israel. Could they be right?A divided Iraq would be in the best interests of Israel and the big oil companies, and certainly for those who carried out this attack, there are no rules, no right or wrong, and the ends justify the means. It does not matter to them that our brave soldiers and Marines are getting caught in the crossfire.Bob FiskeVailVail, Colorado

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