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Letters to the editor

Compiled by Daily staff

Airport worriesIt is not my intention to burst any bubbles, but has anybody looked at where the proposed Tower Center development sits in relation to the airport?Let me quote from the FAA regulations regarding development next to the airport.First, the entire development falls within what is called the “Traffic Pattern Area.” The FAA says about this, “restrict new residential and othernoise sensitive development. Costco probably falls within this restriction as well.Second, some if not all of the Tower development falls within “Noise Impacted Areas.” Here the FAA says, “prohibit residential and other noisesensitive development regardless of density.”These regulations, if not followed, can create liability problems, for the town of Gypsum and Eagle Country. I assume appropriate studies will be done to address these potential problems. The first step, of course, is to look at an updated environmental impact study if there is one.Roger Brown GypsumDigs ColoradoI’m 11 years old and in the fifth grade. I’m doing my state report on Colorado.I chose this state because I have relatives and friends who live in Windsor, Colo. I also chose this state because last July, I took a road trip with my family to Windsor. The trip was so fun. My family and I stayed there five days.On the first day, we just stayed at my friend’s house. On the second day, we went Six Flags In Denver. After that, we went to Cinzetties Buffet for dinner. They had wonderful food and desserts.On the third day, my family and I went to the Rocky Mountains! When we were at the bottom of the mountain, it was less then a mile above sea level and we went more than two miles above sea level. When we left to go to the mountains it was 104 degrees and when we went really high on the mountains; we actually reached snow level!On the third day, we went to a swimming pool. On the fourth day we went shopping and to Sonics fast food.On the fifth day we went home. The whole trip was so awesome and I just want to learn more about Colorado. So please, if you go to a store and see a brochure about Colorado, please try to send it to me if you can. If you’re a fan of the Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets, Denver Broncos, or any other Colorado sports teams, it would be nice if you could send me information about them. You can send me anything you’d like too. I’d really appreciate it if you could just send me a postcard or something else inexpensive.I know Colorado is cool, but I only know a little bit about it and I’d like to know much more. So, thank you for your consideration.Polly SmithConway SchoolMs. del Bosque’s classMount Vernon, Wash. A big thanksWe would like to thank all those involved with the “Skiing the High Himalayas” Movie Night to benefit The Heuga Center. The event was presented by WestStar Bank and held March 21 at The Vilar Center for the Arts in Beaver Creek. Over 400 people were in attendance, and it proved to be an amazing and inspiring evening as well as a wonderful benefit for a worthy cause! We are grateful to everyone who attended the event, showing their support for The Heuga Center.We wanted to say thank you to The Vilar Center, who generously allowed the use of their facility. Mike Marolt, the first American to climb, ski and film on Mt. Everest’s North Ridge, was the host of the event and is a great supporter of The Heuga Center. Thank you Mike! Opici Wine importers graciously donated wine for the pre-movie reception. LOWA Outdoor & Ski Boots helped to underwrite the event. The Vail Daily assisted in advertising. Brian Hutchinson and Susie Kincaid of The Heuga Center put forth a lot of effort to make sure everything came together. Thank you all! WestStar Bank is proud to be a part of such a giving community.Dan GodecAvonLet’s be smartGood for Gypsum for the proposed commercial development!But, please! Whoever approved residential development that close to the airport must not be listening to the noise at DIA. Let’s develop smart.Sherry LuhmanEdwardsVail, Colorado

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