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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Daily staff

We’re in for itTalk about global warming, holy cow. I know Vail has had one of its best seasons in 40 years and the skeptics still talk about how scientists can’t prove it. Just look at the trees and how they are all dying. Everywhere they are dying. I recently read a book entitled, “The Trees are Dying.” I am just asking that you inform yourself of the condition of our planet. Polar bears are drowning near the north pole because the ice sheets are too far apart. There is a 4 million acre area of forest in Alaska that is dead because of beetle kill because the temperature has risen 4 degrees on average and the beetles can survive through another cycle of breeding. Hurricanes and bigger and more vicious. Flooding is increasing. Fires and drought are widespread. Things are getting worse and it’s not on a gradual scale. I ask you as responsible members of our planet to start to look toward solar power for your homes and biodiesel as an alternative for your cars. Look at the next 10 years and what craziness lies ahead for the weather to come upon us. The scientists are the smart ones. Politicians are simply driven by their financial agendas and are not fessing up to the truth. We are in for it. Tavius Sims Avon Ready for next electionThose who would criticize the messengers for blasting the Bush administration these last seven years (if you include the period leading up to the 2000 election) might consider a review of the unsurprising accuracy in our predictions. Our foreign policy lies in shambles: Middle East, Far East and South American relations, not to mention a few doubts from Europe. Is there anyone left? Oh yes, the millions of dollars promised but never delivered to fight AIDS in Africa. Our southern coastline lies in ruins, something no one could have predicted except for the government’s response to that crisis. Our environment (the gutting of the Clean Air Act and the open assault on ANWR) and our health-care system where fiscally strapped states are supposed to fix a national problem. Some members of the president’s own party now openly decry their own fiscal irresponsibility. To these you may add the pandering nature of conservative free-market politics where we are supposed to jump up and yell, “Whoopi!” now that Mr. Bush has directed the Transportation Department to mandate a whopping one mile per gallon increase to the minimum fuel mileage requirement for SUVs. Conservatives must be in an awful hurry to see the demise of the auto industry and its attending unions, since by this action all they’ll accomplish is to accelerate the rush of intelligent American consumers to foreign brands that will give them both quality and fuel conservation. … Where will it end? When the American people recognize we can no longer afford religious bigotry and hypocrisy allied to economic and political incompetence? If we were shareholders in a corporation, which in a sense we all are, I hardly think we would tolerate such a performance by a CEO. Come Nov. 6, let the pigeons come home to roost. Gus NicholsonVail, Colorado

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