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Some perspectiveI found Bob’s Branden’s commentary on world views very refreshing and informative. It’s good to read about something that has meaning in the paper. That is really going to make you think and truly think about the world’s perspective. Thank you for posting this article in paper and would love to read more about what Bob has to say. Kevin Ho Different speedsCan someone please explain why Route 6 in front of Arrowhead is 45 mph going east and 55 mph going west? Are things really that different on the other side of the yellow line? Just wondering.Andrew Gallup Edwards Who’re they fooling?In reference Alex Miller’s article, “Second home, sweet home,” on May 5: You reported that the Avon Town Council enacted a new law in Avon – Wildridge prohibiting short-term rentals. For the record, here is the rest of the story:Permanent residents in Wildridge ran to the ultra-liberal Avon Town Council complaining about noise, etc., and asked the council to do something about the nuisance caused by the second-home owner renting his Wildridge home out the “the loud party crowd.” I don’t blame the residents for complaining about the unnecessary disturbance in their Wildridge neighborhood. I do blame the majority of the liberal Avon Town Council for how they addressed the problem. The fact is the neighbors never filed any “nuisance”-based Avon Police reports (nor any other reports) against that property owner who was renting out his second home. Yes, Avon has laws about creating “a nuisance” in the town. Here is where the Avon Town Council failed. Rather than enforce the laws already of the books, the liberal council instead created a new law as a knee-jerk reaction to the complaints. The result? The Avon got sued. Now the Avon taxpayer has to foot the bill for this unnecessary litigation, proving once again that the more conservative approach of enforcing the laws already on the books is the correct way to go. Did I mention that two of the most liberal members of the current Avon Town Council are lawyers themselves? And that those two were the top vote getters in the last Avon Town Council election? This is not the first time that the ultra-liberal, no common sense actions of these members has caused unnecessary litigation against the town of Avon. The fact is, several lawsuits have been filed against Avon since the 2004 election. The Avon taxpayer and registered voter can look forward to this Avon resident reporting on those lawsuits, too. What was it Mr. Lincoln allegedly once said? “You can fool all of the people some of the time … ?” Thanks again to the Eagle County Water Board electorate for voting for Debbie Buckley over Arn Menconi in last week’s election. You see, it’s also true that you can’t fool all the people all of the time.Pete BuckleyAvonSelective fealtyI didn’t realize there were so many law-abiding citizens in Vail Valley. I’d like to thank all of you for taking a stand against those evil-doing “illegals” descending on our prestine valley, building our homes and cleaning our bathrooms. I’m sure we could be giving those jobs to all of you who are far more willing to do the work. Besides, breaking the law is an American right that we have all fought and sacrificed for! Also, thank you for obeying the posted speed limits while living here. We are a nation of laws! It’s getting thick in Vail. David Companione Vail, Colorado

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