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Letters to the Editor

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I wanted to take a moment and thank the community and the Vail Daily staff for the outstanding support of the 2006 Teva Mountain Games. With all the national attention that the Teva Mountain Games has seen over the last couple of years, it has been really important to us to stay true to our roots. The staff at the Vail Daily did a wonderful job in telling the stories as they unfolded and the community was incredibly generous in welcoming and supporting the world’s top athletes in our home town. Thank you for being a strong community partner and supporting a home grown national icon event. Thank you.Joel Heath

I was recently thinking about a piece of Wisdom From the Web back on May 31, titled “Not Doing Enough For Housing,” when I realized that perhaps I knew something that the author did not. In this piece, this 30-something author plugs his house for sale to the town while discussing his disdain towards Peter Knobel’s lack of contribution to employee housing and the local community of Vail.He states: “Regarding Peter Knobel, maybe if he contributed to employee housing in town, he’d be having less of a hassle. People just want to see him give to the community, and not just create things which benefit tourism.”Here are my questions: What is the personal vendetta against this man?Does anyone do any research before they start spewing misinformation?I used to live in one of the 20-something affordable rental units owned by Peter Knobel in West Vail. Had it not been for the opportunities he created and the reasonable rates he charged, I would have moved to Vail only to have found myself living somewhere downvalley that I could afford. And as far as contributions to employee housing go, that is 20-plus apartments in West Vail and he proposes 12 more units with this new development. Can you tell me who else provides 30-plus affordable rental units for employees?Lastly, I am a Vail resident of 10 years and the benefits he plans to provide are not just for tourism – they are for people like me too and I welcome and anticipate their arrival. I think it is wonderful that someone is finally trying to do something for us and our town that we will actually see some benefits from. I mean, seriously, can anyone name another developer that has offered to do anything for you lately with their project?It is just a shame to see how the politics of today’s Vail works. Reba M. Daigle

GREAT commentary regarding Crossroads. You’ve covered it all including the nasty remarks going around about Peter’s background! The e-mails circulating by prominent names that don’t even live in Vail are uncalled for, hitting below the belt, and make these folks look as small as a grain of sand on a mile long beach!!They may think they came over and docked the Mayflower in Vail, but the “Mayflower folks” will hopefully be eating crow on July 12. Their actions and behavior are a disgrace to this community and at the root of all this is a group of people who resent anyone that’s not of “Mayflower” background! They are an embarrassment to many of us calling Vail our home.Good for you! You set the record straight in a most professional manner!Gilda KaplanVail, Colorado

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