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Letters to the Editor

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Today’s Inquisition I have always been fascinated by our universe and have tried to keep up with scientific advancements and discoveries. Some of you might remember Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series that appeared on PBS back in 1980. It really opened my mind to the physical reality that there is a vast and mysterious universe out there.New theories in quantum physics and cosmology sometimes baffle the mind. I could never understand the math, but I do know what E=mc2 means. I trust that the physicists who work out these theories know what they’re talking about. They tell us that there are other dimensions beyond the four-dimensional world most of us live in. It is possible that our whole universe could be just a speck of matter in somebody else’s universe.Our species has only begun to explore these cosmic mysteries. From our limited perspective on Earth, we may find that what we see as scientific truth in our 21st century may be wrong. We forget that there will be a 22nd century science, and a 23rd century science, and so on.Not so long ago, back in 1632, Italian astronomer Galileo was imprisoned as a heretic during the Inquisition for discovering that the Earth was NOT the center of the universe, something we all take for granted now. Einstein’s theories were at first ridiculed by mainstream science, but now serve as a basis for all our physical sciences.But today mainstream science is the Inquisition, and brands as heretics those who step outside the limitations they have set. Last year I attended a talk by Dr. Claude Swanson, a Princeton-trained physicist, on “The New Science of the Paranormal.” Swanson told of the scientific evidence and physical reality of strange phenomena such as out-of-body experiences, miracles, levitation, psycho kinesis, ESP and remote viewing, ghosts, orbs, precognition, and my favorite subject, UFOs. These subjects are shunned by mainstream science because they would have to admit to the existence of metaphysical dimensions, and even a spiritual universe where even God might exist. Mainstream science can’t have that. So they pass these subjects off to the psychologists, who tell us that this is all in our heads.They have forgotten that our ancient ancestors were much more in touch with the spiritual universe, and their own spirituality, than we are in our four-dimensional materialistic society today. There are still primitive societies today who have not yet lost touch with the spiritual universe, and today many of us have been able to discover this spirituality in ourselves.It was these beliefs that spawned faith, and it was faith that created religion. Man has, unfortunately, corrupted many religions to where we have slaughtered and persecuted those who did not believe as we did. Religion has its shortcomings.It is faith that has sustained humanity through the ages, not science or religion. Those of us who have this sense of the spiritual universe cannot be shaken by science, especially when they fail to seriously study the science of the paranormal. and begin to explore these other dimensions. Science, too, has its shortcomings.Unless they can come up with sound scientific explanations for these phenomena, and I doubt if they can, then there can be no decision whether there is intelligent design to the universe or whether all this happened by chance.Bob FiskeVailFishing FunNothing fishy about it! Without the following businesses, the Gypsum Family Fishing Fun would not have been possible: Columbine Market donated gummy worms and gold fish (the kids ate these up, YUM!). The Eagle Pharmacy added to the goodie bags with toys, fishing goodies and a coupon for a Slush Puppy. Also filling the goodie bags were bug wipes from Eagle County Environmental Health to make sure that the only thing that was biting were the fish. This year we were lucky to have Peter DuPont with Gorsuch Outfitters to help all the little ones learn how to cast and share some tricks of the trade with the adults. Of course we have to cast off a huge thank you to Jason Duestch and the Division of Wildlife for stocking the pond with hungry fish and supplying fishing poles for those in need. Always welcome and never thanked enough, Gypsum Fire and Greater Eagle Fire made sure that everyone was safe and sound. Again, thank you to all the business and groups involved without your support none of this would be possible. Happy casting! Stephanie SamuelsonTim CochraneEagle Valley Chamber of Commerce Vail, Colorado

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