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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Daily staff

Bad timeI am a student at Red Canyon High School and am shocked at the events last Wednesday night. It was tragic and it really hurts. But what I can’t believe is how the newspaper tried invading our school to get to talk to us. The teachers and principal told you no, that you won’t come into the school to talk to us. But what really ticked me off is how you had to go to Eagle Valley High School, for someone else to express their opinion. Don’t you guys show any respect for us at school hurting, or what about the family. Please stay away from any RCHS student. Joe’s death wasn’t for publicity and no one here is willing to talk about it. Just expressing my right of freedom of speech. But then again you have the freedom of press. Kayla NelsonEagleEditor’s note: The reporter’s intent was to show that Joe Creek was more than a statistic, that he was a loved and valued human being as seen through the eyes of people who knew him. Reaction to requests to learn more about a victim of tragedy so that the community can understand the person as a person is frustrating though understandable for reporters, who are far from ghouls. The intent is to make the person known beyond the mere facts of a tragedy. Also, these events affect people differently. Some people become angry if a reporter does not reach out to try to understand the person better, as if no one cares enough to try. In any case this is always very difficult.Heroes among usIn the midst of all the contention and unilateral arguments, may I bring up a moment of reality? Last night a dish rag caught fire in my kitchen. I called 911 as soon as I had it out, but not in time to stop a visit from the firemen. They came to save me despite my own stupidity. They dealt with my obnoxious driveway, and were courteous when I told them everything was fine.Please, confused and hostile people out there, we have heroes among us. There was nothing to save at my house, but they were willing to risk themselves for me and my home. Amazing. Can we just pause and value the good guys!PS: BTW, they were all absolutely gorgeous guys, and I have a single friend if any of you are available.Susan Washing AvonSome librarian! This comment is in reference to the advertisement placed by Vail Valley Medical center regarding the Shaw Library. I hope that the person who is really responsible for the success of the medical library (Librarian Kim Lyons-Mitchell) was also honored by VVMC for her extraordinary efforts in establishing the library several years ago. Without her extensive knowledge and dedication, it would be just another room with some scattered books on the shelves. Kim truly deserves accolades for her professional service in the implementation of the library and her ability to serve both patients and the medical staff alike. Chris MillerGypsumHockey helpI would like to write to acknowledge and thank Merv Lapin, Eric Eves, Louise Funk, and Becky Maddux for their endless hours of work organizing the upcoming Vail hockey trip to China.As a veteran of two previous “Merv trips,” I know that the experience can be life changing, for young and old alike. I predict that your children, sons, and young men will return changed and for the better, thanks to these dedicated individuals.Peter C. JanesBreckenridgeAmazing serviceLast Wednesday my wife and I started an odyssey to come to Aspen to visit her son and his new wife. It was an important visit for us because, while we had met Marianne once on a visit east, this was the first time we would be seeing her as a member of the family. Our time was limited due to my work schedule and my wife’s need to get back to be treated for breast cancer. The newlyweds’ work schedules had been arranged to maximize time with us before our return on Sunday. Shortly after we got to the airport in Denver, we were told that our flight to Aspen had been cancelled. By the time we got to the head of the customer service line of United, the earliest they could get us to Aspen was Friday mid-day. This would have cut our trip in about half. We spent the night in Denver and with another couple returning to Aspen from Mexico for treatment of his lung cancer, we decided to take the CME van to Vail and then rent a car for the remainder of the trip. When we got to the Vail transportation center at around 3 p.m., we naively expected to see cabs lined up as if it was the Port Authority in New York City. We were stunned to find none. We went into the Vail Chamber & Business Association office, thinking it was a taxi dispatcher and asked if they could help us find a cab. Joyce Gedelman-Viers and Matt Green may have realized we had come to the wrong office, but they certainly did not let on so to us. They called two or three taxi companies, and when no one could pick us up until after 5 p.m., the time the car rentals close at the Vail airport, they rearranged their schedules to free up Joyce to drive us to the airport. We never told Joyce or Matt they were helping out two cancer patients and I don’t think we told them of our plight to get to Aspen to see our growing family for the first time. We offered to compensate Joyce for her time or send a bottle of wine for her troubles, but she would hear none of it. They were just two great people helping out four strangers in need of a ride that I thought you should know about. Tom McMackinWoodburyRiskier placesConsider that during the last 22 months there has been an average of 160,000 U.S. troops in the Iraq theater of operations, and a total of 2,112 deaths, gives you a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers.The firearm death rate in Washington D.C. is 80.6 per 100,000 for the same period.That means that you are more likely to be shot and killed in the U.S. Capitol than you are in Iraq.Conclusion: The U.S. should pull out of Washington. Bernard Schwartz Edwards Vail, Colorado

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