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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Daily staff

Um, noAfter Referendum 1A failed by the largest number of votes of any items on the county ballot, Arn Menconi commented to the Vail Daily that he hopes to accomplish the goals of Referendum 1A through his role as county commissioner. Arn, why don’t you pay attention to the voters in Eagle County? They rejected your pet project! You represent the people. We don’t want it, so drop it. Stop trying to force your agenda down our throat. And please stop trying to expand the local government every chance you get. The least effective way to accomplish any community goal is to have the government take it over. Leave our money in our pockets! Steve Michonski Edwards Move us out?I am writing to you about how the school district is going to take down the Red Canyon High School’s Edwards campus and build a brand new elementary school. There is nothing saying that they are going to build the Edwards campus anywhere else. How is that fair? The Eagle campus is just big enough for the students already attending, what do they think they are going to do with the Edwards students? Ninety students will not fit in the Eagle campus. I think they need to think about the kids there, and plan on building them another campus if they’re going to build another elementary school. I believe we have too many elementary schools in the valley already. Garry Nelson Eagle Touched every heartI met my best friend, Guiness, only eight years ago when I picked her up from an animal rescue in central Michigan where I was living and going to college. I was living in an apartment complex that didn’t allows pets, so Guiness had to go everywhere with me even though the car was her least favorite place to be. Fortunately for her, she never found a person or lap she couldn’t tame, so whoever was hosting us didn’t complain about the cat hair or litter box that was so noticeable. In her eight years she put up with moving 13 different times (cross-country once), a second cat in her castle, and my always busy schedule. She had many people come in and out of her short life, yet it never seemed to bother her as she would move onto the next lap and free hand with the grace that showed she was the queen we all thought she was. Guiness touched every heart she met and left happy little paw prints on the memories of those that were so lucky to have encountered her. She was very fortunate to have Dr. Denny Simonton come into her life at a crucial stage of her life and heartbreaking decline. He eased our minds with honest experience and sympathy about what was going on in her now undersized body and helped us make the most difficult, but best decision for her. On Oct. 17, Dr. Simonton and his wonderful assistant Bernadette came into our home to put Guiness to rest. She left this world sitting on top of a pillow, on her couch in the arms of two people who loved her. We want to thank Dr. Simonton, Bernie and the rest of the Castle Peak staff from the bottom of our hearts. You helped us through one of the most difficult months of our lives. You are truly magnificent, caring, compassionate people and every animal that comes through your door is fortunate to have you looking after them.Jennie HurseySean Koenig VailVail, Colorado

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